In 1993 a group of four women, with an active interest in pre-school education and involved with a playgroup, became aware of the loss of pre-school places for children locally and decided to do something about it.

In September 1994 Rolleston Kindergarten opened in the former Lakeland Grocery Stores which had been converted during the summer to a purpose designed Nursery. Having started with 30 children on the roll, Kindergarten has gone from strength to strength. Roll now varies between 60 and 90, taking children from two and a half years old until they move on to school. The recent OFSTED report described Kindergarten as "providing an excellent start to formal education".

Parents can choose to send their children to morning or afternoon sessions (or a mixture of both) and since September 1999 Kindergarten has been registered for children to spend the whole day. Lunchtimes have proved to be very popular with children and parents alike.

With changes in pre-school education in recent years and the subsequent closure of other pre-school provisions, Kindergarten now has children from a wider geographical area, although there is still a wide core group of children from Rolleston and its immediate surrounds.

Kindergarten has established links with the local primary schools which the children move on to, principally John of Rolleston, but also the Mosley School in Anslow and William Shrewsbury in Stretton. Teachers come in to visit the children at Kindergarten, to read them stories and talk to them before they start school.

Kindergarten continues to meet its aim of encouraging children to have a sense of achievement by learning in an exciting and stimulating environment. The children visit a number of places in the village, and at different times of the year can be seen pond-dipping in the brook, posting cards and letters at the Post Office and exploring the Spinney.

At this significant time, Kindergarten feels very much part of village life in Rolleston and is committed to playing its part in the education of local children.

Linda Bates, Val Goodhead, Sally Hughes, Sylvia Morgan (Partners)

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