Friends of John of Rolleston Primary School

The Friends - also widely known as FOJORPS - took their current form in January 1992 to act as the parent/teacher organisation for the village primary school which had emerged following the amalgamation of the infant and junior schools. Previous PTA bodies were replaced by FOJORPS with a new constitution.

Run by a committee formed by 4 officers and 9 members plus the Head Teacher, the Friends; role in the life of the school is to develop a relationship between school and parents, with the aim of furthering the education of the pupils. Principally, in practical terms, this means raising money for facilities which would either not be possible, or for which the school would have to wait a very long time.

Funds are raised by various events throughout the school year, and the type of event has varied over the years to suit current fashions and tastes - anything from Barn Dances to Fashion Shows, Quiz Nights to Country Walks, and of course, the village’s biggest annual event, Community Day. Community Day is rightly so called because as well as raising money for the school, it serves to bring most of the local community together for a day each June, and is well supported by local people.

A number of major projects have been funded by FOJORPS in years past. the school now has its own well stocked library and is no longer reliant on outside supplies. Various audio/visual items have been purchased as has regularly used playground equipment, and most recently major investment has been made in Information and Communication Technology equipment, with the aim of keeping ahead in this rapidly developing world.

What the future holds in education no one can tell. One thing that remains fairly certain, however, is that the need for the Friends to continue their work to enhance school life will continue. the village is fortunate to have an excellent and growing school, and the Friends will continue to work towards keeping it that way.

Richard Leverington, Chairman

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