Message from  a descendant of the Rollestons

I am very pleased and honoured to have this opportunity to send greetings and extend my best wishes to all Rolleston residents for this New Millennium.

I have never lived in Rolleston, but have visited your lovely village several times during the past few years. I feel a remarkable affinity with the place. It touches my soul. Perhaps that is a strange statement for an occasional visitor, but I lay claim to a deep and fundamental affinity; 19 generations of my Rolleston ancestors lie buried in the graveyard and crypt of St. Mary’s parish church, from the first of the Rolleston family lords of the manor at the beginning of the 12th century, until their lands passed to the Mosley family around 1620. One of Cromwell’s officers reported succinctly while billeted in the village during the siege and bombardment of Tutbury Castle, that "the Rollestons were there time out of mind". Who could state it better?

Perhaps with a little bias, I can say that Rolleston is a very special place. It is fortunate to have retained its own identity during the past century when industrialisation and population pressures have caused the despoilment of so many other unique and picturesque towns and villages. Here lies the challenge for the new century, to ensure that Rolleston remains independent and retains that identity, despite the creeping urbanism that threatens to merge the built-up outskirts of the village with Stretton, Horninglow and Burton on Trent.

Rolleston has been well looked after. Long may that continue.

Ken Rolston, Southampton

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