The Story of Rolleston Club

Rolleston Club is housed in "The Commemoration Hall, a gift to the village by Sir Oswald Mosley to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Quee Victoria on 22nd June 1897. Sir Oswald declared that the object of the hall was for "The improvement of the mental, moral and social condition of the Parishioners, all party spirit and theological controversy being avoided".

It was not until after the second world war that a bar was installed, membership increased dramatically and the bowling green and pavilion were installed in 1950. The lounge bar was opened in 1965 and major extensions to the hall were carried out in the early 1970s.

In 1983 Clem Wood along with Barry Edwards did extensive research into the history of Rolleston Club. They produced a small booklet called "The Story of Rolleston Club" which is available from the club.

One of the things that people always ask! "What does the coat of arms mean?"

I thought it would be a good idea to reproduce the last page of the booklet for you so that our members know the history surrounding the club.


The Mosley coat of arms is unique.. Only two were ever made, the only surviving one can be found in Rolleston Club.

In heraldic terms it is called an ‘achievement’, since it incorporates the arms of four families.

The predominant family is Mosley. They prospered in the iron industry during their early years, hence the ironworkers hammers to both sides of the shield.

The early Stuart kings, to raise money, sold land in the plantation of Ulster. One branch of the Mosley family settled there, hence the red hand of Ulster in the shield.

The black leopard is from the Rolleston family and the crane belongs to Lord North. North was a Nottinghamshire family hence the hunting horns above the crane.

Originally much of the land in this area belonged to the Duchy of Lancaster. The rampant lion is part of their arms. Surrounding the lion are little tear drop shaped pieces known as Gouettes. They are usually of silver or gold in heraldry; these are gold and so are "Gouettes d’or".

The Crusades to the Holy Lands were led with the cross as a symbol. The Crusades to the heathens of Russia were led with a Spread Eagle as a symbol. The Holy Land Crusades are well documented but the marches to Prussia are not, hence many families use the spread eagle in their coat of arms to declare their antiquity without much fear of contradiction.

Above the shield is the helm (helmet) and indicates the bearer is of the rank of Knight Baronet. On that rests a bar with the eagle crest. Surrounding the shield is red and white floration which also includes the red rose of Lancaster.

In 1599 Nicholas Mosley became Lord Mayor of London. He was knighted in 1600 for his exceptional business skills in extorting taxation from a reluctant city business community. A grateful Queen Elizabeth gave him a carved oak bedstead and a family motto. "Mos Legem Regit" ("Custom rules the Law"), a royal pun.

J. Toon (Rolleston Club President)

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