Rolleston Civic Trust

The Civic Trust has its origins in 1968 when a group of villagers formed a "Best Kept Village Committee" to clear the Alderbrook and improve the village’s appearance. Shortly after this, purchase of the overgrown Brookhollows lake and spinney by Tutbury Rural District Council showed the need for a village organisation to promote the conservation and maintenance of the open spaces and the historic centre of the village.


Rolleston Civic Trust was formed as a Registered Charity (No501356) with the objects of

Membership is open to all, both within and outside the village, who are interested in the furtherance of these objectives.


The Civic Trust enjoys the general support of the village and meets monthly at the Spread Eagle Hotel for a programme of talks, visits and discussion of relevant village matters.

The Trust has a close liaison with the Parish Council and a formal collaboration with East Staffordshire Borough Council, current owners of Brookhollows, on the management of that site.

The Civic Trust seeks representation on appropriate village committees (at present, Village Liaison Committee, Village Design Committee, Millennium Committee) and through its activities promotes awareness of and involvement in village affairs.

Since 1982 the Civic Trust has published, quarterly, the village magazine, "Rollestonian". Contributions are open to all village organisations and individuals. Through the sponsorship of local businesses, it is delivered free of charge to all houses in the parish, together with the Parish Council Newsletter.

The Civic Trust has provided the village sign in Brookside and floodlighting for St Mary’s church. It organises spring and summer garden awards, an annual Civic Trust Award and also Shrovetide Pancake Races.

The Future

The principal concern that faces the Civic Trust, as we enter the new Millennium, is not so much the conservation of the historic core of the village as the continuing pressure on the village envelope by developers wishing to exploit this heritage. Rolleston has already become a commuter village, house prices make first-time home purchase and continuity of family residence difficult. Developments that merge into neighbouring villages will dilute the identity of this large village community further.

The Alderbrook and Brookhollows enhance and distinguish Rolleston from other attractive villages in the district. Financial constraints of local authorities and the commercial approach of environment agencies threaten preservation of this historic watercourse. The Civic Trust will have to campaign for funds to protect this amenity.

At present, Rolleston lies outside the boundaries of the new National Forest, a feature that, naturally, should extend to the banks of the River Dove. Tree planting, already started on parish owned lands, should be encouraged more generally to bring us within that greater environment.

Experience has shown that Rollestonians can unite and express a common view on major community matters. The Civic Trust has a duty to ensure awareness of such issues and promote a view consistent with its objectives.

Tom Martin (Chairman, Rolleston Civic Trust))

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