Rolleston's Millennium Year Charity

Rolleston on Dove’s Millennium Committee decided that as well as village celebrations they would support a third world charity and after discussion WaterAid was chosen. The connection with water, in the village name, Brookhollows, the lake and the Alderbrook which runs along Burnside made this seem an appropriate choice.

In this country we take the provision of clean running water and sanitation for granted and it is hard for us to appreciate that in the third world many villages may be without even a village pond and in the dry season may have to travel to the nearest river which may be as far as 20 kilometres away, often involving journeys of a day with donkeys. This work is often done by women and children.

WaterAid is an independent charity working with people in 12 main countries in Africa and Asia to improve their quality of life, through lasting improvements to water, sanitation and hygiene, using local skills and practical technologies. Locally it is sponsored by Severn Trent.

Donations have already been received, both as a result of activities and from indivuals who wish to support the work of WaterAid

A major fund raiser will be a house to house envelope collection in March , the envelopes being delivered with this publication. A Rolleston Video showing both archive material and present day village life is in the course of preparation by a local award winning volunteer and is being sponsored by Rolleston Civic Trust. After costs have been covered proceeds from the sale will be donated to the charity. Further events are being organised by other village organisations which may generate further donations

Sylvia Martin

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