Message from the Chairman, Rolleston on Dove Parish Council

I am looking forward to the new millennium with optimism for a better chance of peace throughout the world, because of the big improvement in communications and better understanding of the problems of third world countries. The spread of democracy in the ex-communist states is also making Europe’s future more amicable and stable.

On a more local note the co-operation of all the authorities directly involved, will hopefully ease a lot of the problems we get in Rolleston. i.e.. flooding, traffic movement and highway maintenance.

The Parish Council will be continuing to work with all local organisations to improve the standard of the environment for all Rolleston residents.

The play areas of Elizabeth Avenue and Meadow View are to be brightened up with a fresh coat of paint, repairs to Meadow View safety surface and the installation of new equipment on Elizabeth Avenue.

We have a wonderful village and I would like to think that all residents will pull together to keep it this way for our future generations.

Wally Hodson-Walker

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