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RODSEC - Winter 2011 News 
(Details extracted from article that first appeared in the Winter 2011 issue of the Rollestonian)

Recent Events

The autumn has seen two successful events under the auspices of “Live & Local” an organisation sponsored by the Borough and County Councils to bring live entertainment to local venues.

“Hoagy, Hornpipes, Handel and Hoedown” featuring Hilary James & Simon Mayor
On 9th October, at Rolleston Club, Simon Mayor and Hilary James plucked and sang through a superbly structured programme. Simon Mayor started out as a guitarist and fiddler, but it is as a virtuoso mandolinist that he is best known. Hilary James’ “elegant singing” and accompaniment on guitar and the remarkable mandobass brought a special blend to this remarkable partnership. Our thanks to all helpers, supporters and Starbuck’s for selling the bulk of the tickets.

“Bong Soon – A Windy Tale” performed by Moby Duck
A family event held on the afternoon of 5th November at the Alderbrook Site; the thunderously naughty Korean folk story of a flatulent woman who blows her mother-in-law’s house away told with puppets, music, dance and storytelling.

Future Events

“Jubilation 2012”
The Official Jubilee Weekend runs 2nd – 5th June 2012 The bank holiday for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee will be on Tuesday 5 June. To form a long weekend of celebration the late May bank holiday has been moved to Monday 4 June.

RODSEC has set up a forum to consult on and organise village celebrations for this weekend. All village organizations are invited to attend and take part in this on–going discussion.

Some modifications have been made to the programme previously outlined, with Tuesday 5th June being a much lighter day, ending with a Jubilation barbecue at Rolleston Cricket Club

Saturday 2nd June
Flags ‘n’ Flowers - Decorated Front Gardens Competition
Organisers: RODSEC
Location: Your Front Garden.
A decorative celebration that fills our village streets and gardens with a jubilation of flags, bunting and banners, supported by patriotic planting schemes. Prizes will be awarded for individual and street entries.

Giant Floral Lily Pads ~ Burnside Boat Pageant~ Brook Hollows Waterworks
Organisers: John Underhill, TREATS,
Location: Rolleston Waterfall, Burnside
All local shipwrights are invited to float their home-made boats See the RODSEC flier that accompanies this issue.

Well Dressing
Organisers: Diane Marriott & Kate Arnold
Adviser: Angie Gillespie
Location: Alms Houses Lawn
All are welcome to assist Doveside WI to bring their abundant artistic talents to the revival of our Well-Dressing tradition.

Art & Craft Exhibition
Organiser: Ron Price
Location: Methodist Church Chapel
See the RODSEC flier with this issue. The exhibition will include paintings, photographs, drawings, textiles, ceramics and all kinds of 3D work. “Any subject will do!”

Bygones Exhibition
Organiser: Arnold Burston
Location: Methodist Church School Room
See the RODSEC flier with this issue

Jubilation on the Croft
Following the Official Opening at 12.00pm, we are hoping to stage performances from the Mummers and Guisers.. Plenty of stall spaces are available for traders, community groups, individuals and organizations.

Jubilation Concert
Organisers: Rolleston Choral Society
Location: St Mary’s church
A concert of English music

Sunday 3rd June
People’s Parade
Organisers: RODSEC
Location: Our Village
A People’s Parade snaking along the streets of Rolleston and ending up on the Croft. Everyone is invited to join in this lively, colourful, patriotic and joyful procession.

United Churches Open Air Service
Organisers: RODSEC
Location: the Croft
Ministers from Rolleston Methodist Church and St. Marys Church will combine to celebrate this historical occasion.

Big Picnic Concert on the Croft
Organisers: RODSEC
Location: the Croft
Everyone is invited to Picnic on the Croft, as a programme of live entertainment is performed by local musicians, dancers and entertainers. See the flier

Big Screen Televising of the River Thames Pageant
Location: Rolleston Club
The River Thames Jubilee Pageant on a big screen in Rolleston Club 2.30pm onwards.

Monday 4th June
4th Charity Transport Festival
Organiser: John Morris & Transport Festival Committee
Location: the Croft, Burnside
We are seeking to encourage villagers to visit this splendid event dressed in the fashions that have flowered during Queen Elizabeth’s sixty year reign.

4th Grand Garage Sale Tour
Organisers: Bunty Bradbury & Sylvia Martin
Location: throughout the village.

Tuesday 5th June
Organisers: Rolleston Cricket Club
Location: The Willows – Rolleston Cricket Club
Rolleston Cricket Club shall be serving up a right royal barbecue with plenty of family fun and games and to finish, a loyal toast to Her Majesty the Queen. Long may she reign!

Other Jubilation Developments

Rolleston Civic Trust has kindly offered to fund the printing of a Diamond Jubilee Souvenir Programme, which will be inserted as a supplement in the Summer Edition of the Rollestonian. It is hoped that the delivery of a special Jubilee Edition will be brought slightly forward.

Outcome Of Jubilation 2012 Consultation

Legacy Suggestions
• Rose/Wisteria/Clematis Tunnel – The Lawns to Brookhollows Bridge
• Commemorative medallions for children
• A Jubilee Wood
• Ground Maze on the Croft
• Ground Sundial with “human” pointer
• Circular Seat round Millennium Oak
• Sundial on South wall of St Mary’s
• A Major Tree, a special species
• New Public Footpath along the Dove

Celebration ideas
• Children’s Fancy Dress on a royal theme
• Corgis and Horses – horse and dog walk/show
• Balloon Launch
• Tiaras and Crowns – fancy dress tea-party
• Red, White and Blue Planters
• Strawberry and Pimms Tent
• Best Dressed House/Property
• Alternative Olympics
• Beacons
• Celebration Walk – along new footpath

Jubilee Medallions

We are grateful to Rolleston Parish Council and other village organisations for their generous donations which have enabled the purchase of Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Medals, for presentation to the school children. Please see the application form with the Parish Council newsletter.

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RODSEC - Autumn 2011 News 
(Details extracted from article that first appeared in the Autumn 2011 issue of the Rollestonian)


It is surprising how quickly the season of Rolleston summer events shoots by. A glance at the calendar will reveal that our busy summer weekends have been filled to the brim, almost to over flowing: much like our Bloomin’ Feet that rested their weary souls in the pleasantly busy churchyard on Gardens Sunday.

I am reminded that it is now less than a year to the eagerly anticipated celebration of our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The crunching sound that you hear will be RODSEC’s bandwagon moving up through the gears. There is, of course, a lot more for our team of dedicated enthusiasts to be doing before the Jubilation 2012 show is on the road. With your help and support we aim to deliver another vintage Special Event.

Forthcoming Events

Jubilation 2012
News Update

Further to all those exciting things mentioned in the Summer Edition of the Rollestonian, there has been significant progress on a number of fronts which are outlined below.

Exhibitions Group

We are grateful to Rolleston Methodist Chapel for agreeing to house exhibitions of Fine Art and Elizabethan Memorabilia. We are fortunate to have two village stalwarts managing the exhibition elements of our celebration. Ron Price has kindly agreed to organize the Fine Art Exhibition and Arnold Burston undertakes a fascinating “Bygones Exhibition”. For more information please read their very own advance publicity releases

Diamond Jubilee Art Exhibition

As part of RODSEC’s celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee - Saturday 2nd June to Tuesday 5th June 2012 we hope to put on of Arts and Crafts exhibition showing the talent that there is in the village. We hope that the exhibition will consist of paintings, photographs, drawings, textiles, ceramics and 3D work e.g. wood turning. Any subject will do. It doesn’t have to be new work just yours. We also hope that there will be a children’s section. No entry fee is required and no commission charged if you artwork sells - but you don’t have to sell if you don’t want to. An entry form with more details will appear in the Spring Rollestonian. You now have got almost one year to think about it and prepare!!!

Ron Price
Organiser for Jubilee Arts Exhibition
Tel no. 812184

Diamond Jubilee Bygones Exhibition

As part of the Jubilation celebrations, we are hoping to put on an exhibition of Rolleston bygones and memorabilia from the sixty years of Her Majesty’s reign.

We are looking for any items of local interest which would help us to tell the story. As I have lived here for only 45 years, I know little of Rolleston life between 1952 and 1966, so I’m wondering how the village celebrated Her Majesty’s Accession and Coronation. How did Rollestonians celebrate the birth of Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, and the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana?

As well as documents (photographs, maps, local press cuttings, memories), we should like to be able to display 3-D items: cups, trophies, uniforms and any other objects from the last 60 years.

This exhibition could provide a showcase for the activities of your club, society or business, or evoke memories of what Rolleston has lost (the railway and the Tutbury Jinnie, the Forest of Needwood High School) and celebrate what we have gained (the Scout Headquarters, the Willows Cricket Ground).

If you have anything you would be prepared to lend, please contact Arnold Burston by telephone (813457), email ( or post (9, Twentylands, DE13 9AJ).

Well Dressing

We are grateful to Doveside WI for taking on this exciting project. They bring an abundance of artistic talent to the revival of our Well-Dressing tradition. All those interested, skilled or otherwise, are most welcome to join in this absorbing art form. It promises to be something special.

A RODSEC Consultation Form

Many thanks to all those people who have already contributed thoughts and ideas. I remind you that the consultation process draws to an end on 2nd September. Readers will be informed of the outcome
Villagers were asked to comment on two issues:

Your Ideas On A Lasting Legacy

What should our village put in place in order to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee?

Your Celebration Ideas

What activities and events would you like to be included in our village celebrations?

Completed Jubilation 2012 Consultation Forms should be returned by Friday 2nd September to 78 Beacon Road Rolleston on Dove, or placed in the suggestions boxes located around the village e.g. Starbuck’s, Rolleston Club, St Mary’s Church.

The next Jubilation 2012 Planning Meeting is scheduled for Thursday 8th September in Rolleston Cricket Club at 7.30pm. You are welcome to attend.

The next RODSEC Meeting is Tuesday 22nd September at 7.30pm in the OGSR.

John Phillips

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RODSEC - Summer 2011 News 
(Details extracted from article that first appeared in the Summer 2011 issue of the Rollestonian)

Annual General Meeting

At the Tenth Annual General Meeting, held on Wednesday 2nd March in St Mary’s Church, it was pleasing to look back on another busy and successful year and comforting to see so many in attendance. Thanks to Jamie Winstone for Chairing our AGM. We do benefit from incredible stability in our core membership and enjoy increasing representation from other organizations. To have lasted a decade is an incredible achievement for this remarkable institution. To do what it does in the way that it does it for ten years must say something about the folks in these parts. An important characteristic is, I think, the incredible ability people have to adapt to changing circumstances and still make things happen. One of the changes we have had to embrace is the recent retirement of Helen Barnett from the position of Treasurer. Helen has had a hugely beneficial impact on RODSEC. Her tireless expertise has put us in a strong position. It is good to know that we will continue to benefit from her input at Committee Meetings. Sue Irwin bravely takes on the role of Treasurer. As we welcome her, Sue knows that she enjoys our admiration and thanks for kindly undertaking this responsibility. It is comforting to find that our remaining officers have agreed to continue in their posts. It is also reassuring to have all but one of the Committee members agreeing to serve on the committee for another year. This team brings a remarkable energy and creativity to a forum that continues to enhance our community experience. We shall, of course, miss Sharon Harrison, who has now stepped down from RODSEC. We are so very grateful to her for all the good things that she has done. Fortunately our connection with Rolleston Pre School will be continued by Alison Hasdell and Clare Runacus.

A particularly encouraging feature, in fact, has been the steady growth in Committee Membership. During the course of the year we have been joined by Kate Arnold (Doveside WI), Shaun Carlton– Greaves (FOJORPS), Phil Irwin (TREATS), Nick Willmot (Rolleston Choral Society) and Kate Bailey (de Ferrers PSFA).

George Featherstone, of the Rolleston Branch of the Royal British Legion, has been in touch with us on several occasions and briefed us on the organization of the 90th Anniversary Celebrations event entitled “The Legion in the Community” on Saturday 9th July. We also welcome the return of Margaret Smedley and Shiela Redgrave. Thanks to all for your interest and participation.

Flamin’ Dames’ “Luck Be a Lady”- 13th March, 2011

Despite gloomy warnings emanating from the cellars of Live & Local early last year, it is good to report that it still lives. Our links with them have never been better.

RODSEC has recently promoted Flamin’ Dames in their performance of “Luck Be a Lady”. A full house lapped up this slightly bizarre operatic and ballady entertainment. The first half was a cleverly constructed act. A witty script and delightful choreography offered Helen Whittington (Soprano) and Hilary Fisher (Contralto) a fine opportunity to present their comic talents. The second half really appealed to the fans of big ballads, with Nikhil Dally accompanying quite brilliantly on the keyboard.

Good entertainment in fine surroundings and excellent company seems to have put people in a generous mood, for Tom & Sylvia’s raffle raised, once again, more than £200.00. Thanks to them both for being so persuasive and also to all those who donated raffle prizes. We are particularly grateful to Starbucks for selling an enormous number of tickets and continuing to operate a first class box office service. Thank you also to Rolleston Club for making us so very welcome. We are, of course, grateful to all those who supported this event. We look forward to seeing you at our next entertainment.

We have grown to appreciate the value of Live & Local and the good work that it does for village communities. It is even better to learn that Arts Council England, Staffordshire County Council and ESBC will continue to fund it for this year. Along with Rolleston Pre-School, applied for two Live & Local performances in 2011/2012. We are hoping to stage our next Live & Local entertainment in October this year.

Special Event Planning For The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

The bank holiday for the Diamond Jubilee will be on Tuesday 5 June. To form a long weekend of celebration the late May bank holiday has been moved to Monday 4 June.

This year RODSEC’s principal activity is planning for a suitable village celebration. We hope to have an outline plan firmly in place before we turn back the clocks for the winter.

“Jubilation 2012” Planning Meetings

At this forum, organizations and individuals are invited to bring and share ideas with each other. We are aiming to celebrate this occasion in a very special way. All village organizations are invited to attend and take part in this on–going discussion.

After two well-supported Jubilation 2012 Planning Meetings we have managed to “pencil in” a four day programme. Although this is “work in progress”, let me share with you what we have come up with of so far.

Saturday 2nd June

Celebration: Community Art Installations ~ Flags ‘n’ Flowers ~ Exhibitions & Exhibitionism ~ Concert

It all starts early on Saturday with John Underhill co-ordinating a squadron of sculptors, engineers, flower arrangers and tree wrappers with the installation of Community Arts pieces that follow the flow of the Alderbrook. These waterborne installations are to remain in place throughout the Jubilee celebrations. Indeed, we are keen to encourage householders to join in with the creation of a decorative explosion that fills our village gardens with a jubilation of flags and bunting, supported by patriotic planting schemes.

Within this setting we would like to accommodate exhibitions of art and photography, and a history of the Second Elizabethan Age. We are seeking to revive the Well-Dressing tradition along with that of performances from the Mummers and Guisers. Following the Official Opening at 12.00pm there will be a great deal of cavorting on the Croft, to which jingling morris dancers will mix their silver sounds with joyful peals from a mobile bell tower. The day is to be topped with a rousing concert performed by Rolleston Choral Society in St Mary’s Church.

Sunday 3rd June

Edification: Service ~ Community Jubilee Talent Show ~ Picnic on the Croft

On Sunday we hope to mark the occasion with a celebratory United Churches Service. It would be fitting if we could organise a parade before and after the service.

The theme of “exhibitions and exhibitionism” is resumed with our Community Jubilee Talent Show taking place on the Croft from 11.30am - 6.00pm. You are invited to Picnic on the Croft as a programme of live entertainment is performed by local musicians and dancers. You could, of course, both picnic and play on the day. We are looking to include performers of all ages. If you would like to be part of this special show please contact either Kate Bailey (01283 812144) or John Phillips (01283 813833).

Monday 4th June

Transportation: Transport Festival ~ Citizens of Rolleston in Period Costume

Monday 4th June will feature a Jubilee Edition of the 4th Charity Transport Festival, with John Morris and teamsters rolling out this steaming, shining, chrome-plated spectacular road show. We are seeking to encourage villagers to visit this splendid event dressed in the fashions that have flowered during Queen Elizabeth’s sixty year reign. There is such an exciting range of fashions to choose from. I am sure something fitting will turn up if you rummage deep enough into your drawers and wardrobes. Who could resist turning up in a double-breasted suit or arrive on the Croft as a Teddy Boy? Perhaps the hippie fashions of the 60s appeal? It would be great if you could add to this occasion by turning up in a costume from the New Elizabethan Age.

Tuesday 5th June

Jollification: ~ Alternative Olympics~ Family Fancy Dress Party ~ Barbecue

During the afternoon our very own Alternative Olympic Games takes place. It celebrates sporting behaviour at its best, with an opening ceremony, in fancy dress, followed by fun and games on the Croft.

At the end, all competitors, with their trainers and coaches in attendance, will be treated to a right royal long-tabled feast at which tiaras, trifle and fairy cakes will reign supreme!

As young tired athletes carry home their certificates and hang up their medals on the bedroom door, we intend to involve ourselves in a right royal barbecue. In a final expression of celebration we shall reflect upon Jubilation 2012 and drink a loyal toast to Her Majesty the Queen. Long may she reign!

A RODSEC Consultation Form

Of course, a great deal more thought needs to given to the viability, advisability and affordability of these plans. We are in the very early stages and realise that we do have quite a distance to go. Some of these elements may disappear from the final programme, others might be transformed and new ones might emerge. To this end, you are invited to contribute you own ideas to our planning.

Here is “A Jubilation 2012 RODSEC Consultation Form”, on which you might like to fill in your thoughts and ideas on two issues:

• Your Ideas on a Lasting Legacy
• Your Celebration Ideas

Completed forms should be returned by Friday 2nd September to - 78 Beacon Road Rolleston on Dove, or placed in the suggestions boxes located around the village e.g. Starbuck’s, Rolleston Club, St Mary’s Church.

The next Jubilation 2012 Planning Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 8th June in Rolleston Cricket Club at 7.30pm. You are welcome to attend.

The next RODSEC Meeting is Tuesday 19th July at 7.30pm in the OGSR.

John Phillips

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RODSEC - Spring 2011 News 
(Details extracted from article that first appeared in the Spring 2011 issue of the Rollestonian)


Since our last contribution to Rollestonian, most of our efforts have been connected with preparations for Christmas and planning for the New Year.

Along with many other village organizations RODSEC was happy to support another excellent Advent Festival at St Mary’s. The imaginative concept was brilliantly realized. Contributors happily complied with a novel colour scheme and essentially restricted their palettes to silver and white. The result was awesome - especially the inverted Christmas trees and central arcade.

As usual, Tom Martin co-ordinated the delivery of Christmas trees for display in St Mary’s Church, the Methodist Chapel and outside the Almshouses. We are grateful to Jeremy Marshall and his frosted team for helping us to erect a formidably handsome15 foot tree on the lawn in front of the Almshouses. Heavy falls of snow and hard frosts added to the magic. Against the warm brick of the Almshouses the illuminated spruce presented a delightfully picturesque Christmas card scene in the heart of our village.

With the lengthening of daylight hours a new season of meetings has dawned upon us. The first RODSEC Meeting of the New Year was held on Tuesday 11th January. At this well–attended gathering, it soon became apparent that Rolleston will be enjoying another year packed with a variety of exciting and interesting community activities. I am so very grateful to all those representatives from different village societies and groups who attend and contribute to our Termly meetings. There is, of course, always room for representative from organizations not currently involved in this lively and useful village forum. Interested individuals are also welcome to attend and take part in our discussions.

The AGM is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 2nd March in St Mary’s Church. We are grateful to Jamie Winstone (Chair of Rolleston on Dove Parish Council) for agreeing to chair this meeting and for the supporting comments he made in the Parish Council’s Newsletter – Winter 2010.
The major thrust of our planning this year is concerned with the co-ordination of plans for the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. In the year of the London Olympics we aim to draw together and tie in so many significant local celebrations, including that of Rolleston Cricket Club and Rolleston Choral Society. In addition, we will be asking for ideas on a lasting local legacy for this significant occasion.

Rolleston Club will provide the focus for the celebration of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Katherine Middleton on Friday 29th April.


With tongue being firmly in cheek, “Luck Be a Lady” features a mix of grand opera, toe-tapping musicals, unique classical spoofs and rib-tickling numbers; all accompanied by their sensational concert pianist. “Luck Be a Lady” takes songs from the underworld of “Guys & Dolls”, “Chicago”, and from Tchaikovsky’s “Queen of Spades”.

Hilary and Helen are both classically trained singers who simply love to don their feather boas and diamante jewellery to give their guests the red carpet treatment. This slick and varied show goes down a real treat.

“I enjoyed this more than any previous Live & Local Show”

Next RODSEC Meeting

Ordinary Meeting
Tuesday 26th April 2011 @ 7.30pm
In the Old Grammar School Room

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“Jubilation” 2012
Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday
Official Jubilee Weekend
Saturday 2nd – Tuesday 5th June 2012

The Bank Holiday for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee will be on Tuesday 5 June. To form a long weekend of celebration the late May Bank Holiday will be moved to Monday 4 June 2012

  1. With your help, we intend to co-ordinate a major celebration that involves all village organizations and embraces the whole community in an expression of “Jubilation”

  2. Having postponed the meeting scheduled for 11th December, because of icy conditions, serious planning for the celebration of this historic event got under way at a RODSEC Meeting held on Thursday 10th February at 7.30 in Rolleston Cricket Club (The Willows). This was a preliminary session. Other meetings are to follow. There is plenty of space round the planning table for organizations and individuals who would like to help shape the celebrations that take place in our village.

  3. You are invited to share with us your thoughts and ideas on themes, activities and events.

  4. Legacy:
    We are also interested in finding out your thoughts on what kind of thing/s should be put in place in order to commemorate permanently Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee?

John Phillips
(RODSEC Chairman)

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