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Newsletter - Winter 2009

Centenary Year Guiding 100

Saturday September 5th started the Centenary year with a bang. Thousands of Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Rangers, Trefoil Guild, Unit Helpers and Leaders from all over the county travelled to Shugborough for the Party in the Park. They enjoyed an afternoon of entertainment, ending the day with a firework display. After such a damp summer the warm sunny weather was an added bonus.

Two weeks later on another perfect, warm, sunny, wind free day Rolleston Brownies easily won the Brownie Paddle and the Tug of War at the County Bell Boat Regatta held at Manor Park Sailing Club at Kings Bromley, the County Water Sports Centre. It was a shame that we had no Guides to make it a double victory. For a bit of fun afterwards, parents and other children were invited to have a race. That caused a bit of a problem for some Brownies. They did not know who to cheer as they had a family member in each team. I’m not sure who enjoyed the morning the most, parents or Brownies

On the following day some of the girls had another early start to attend and take part in the Methodist Church Harvest Festival.

A dry Halloween saw a group of spooky witches arrive at the Orchard Campsite at Tatenhill to enjoy a Pumpkin Camp Fire with hot dogs, soup and singing. I think they were our Brownies.

A big thank you to parents who bring their girls to all these events.

Back at the Scout Headquarters, we have welcomed several new girls this term, held a Promise evening to catch up with last year’s new Brownies, made Fruit Kebabs and Pizzas and made decorated spinning snakes as well as drawing possible designs for the model for St. Mary’s Advent Festival at the end of November. Returning after half term starts the run up to Christmas and continuing preparations for the Festival together with a Fireworks themed evening, cake decorating, a board games evening, hopefully a clear evening to look at the stars as well as the Party and other Christmas activities.

I began this report with the Centenary Launch Party and there will be many Centenary activities throughout the year ending with

The Centenary Finale
on 20.10 2010 at 20.10hrs

when all Guiding members countrywide will have the chance to make or renew their Promise. Burton’s Division will be holding a Centenary Prom at the Town Hall.

BE THERE! You won’t get another chance until 2110!

During the year everyone will be able to take part in the Centenary Challenge and get their Adventure 100 badge. There will be something for everyone regardless of age, disability or cost, just lots of fun in taking part in games, challenges and adventure.

Three dates for your calendars apart from October 20th 2010;

February 21st Thinking Day at St. Modwen’s Church at 3.00pm,
April 25th Midlands Region Centenary Carnival in Birmingham City Centre,
June 6th ???? We’ve just been told to keep the day free!

Finally, do you or your family have any Guiding memories or associations? Not just in Rolleston but anywhere worldwide. In this Centenary year it would be great to be able to restart the Guides. Are there any offers of help?

Delia Wyers, Retired Guide Guider, but still helping.

Newsletter - Autumn 2009

We seem to have had a very busy and fun term and the Brownie Magic Carpet was definitely rushing us along! Back after Easter, parents, Leaders and girls were involved in designing and making clown costumes and cars for the Scout Group Circus Carnival. A great, wonderfully colourful day and a first prize for the Brownies. Well done especially as this was their first walking parade for many years. Thanks also to the parents for their help and support. The girls celebrated at their next meeting with Hot Dogs and ice cream.

A week later, however, the Burton Division Guide May Fair at the Orchard Camp site at Tatenhill was unfortunately a washout. Most of the outdoor activities and games were cancelled. Thank you to everyone who did come along as this weekend is the main fundraiser for upkeep of the campsite and buildings.

The rest of our outdoor activities fared much better with games on the Scout field early on in the term; Steps 2009, a circular walk from the Orchard via Battlestead Hill and Branston Water Park with metal detecting and craft activities en route; an Animal Explorers Day at Dudley Zoo with a chance to touch a gecko and a cockroach; Bell-boating at Manor Park Sailing Club and Pond dipping in the brook by the Croft where lots of small fish and fresh water molluscs were found. The ducks quickly returned with obvious relief after we left!

Back at the Scout H Q the Brownies made kites which they flew on the field, Father’s Day cards and the three scarecrow bodies for the display of skipping Brownies from 1980, 2009 and India which were outside the Scout H Q on Gardens Sunday. They then went to the Maize Maze at Tatenhill for the rest of the summer.

On two evenings we were instructed in juggling, spinning plates, feather balancing, riding mini-cycles, unicycles, simple conjuring and making balloon hats by two very entertaining magic men. Some of the Brownies were extremely good at these activities, putting most of the adults to shame!

On the last evening of term there was the usual end of year party and games.

Despite such a hectic term Brownies still managed to complete Circus skills, Entertainer, Cook, Musician, Swimmer and Advanced Swimmer badges during the term. Well done to everyone.

Brownies will restart quite late this year on Wednesday September 15th. The Bell-boat Regatta takes place on the following Saturday, September 19th. As we now have our own qualified helms, part of the first meeting will be used for training the team/s. we also have to dress up, so ideas for that would be welcome. Please remember that costumes will get wet!

September 5th marks the real start of the Guiding Centenary Year, 1910 – 2010, with a Party in the Park at Shugborough for all Staffordshire members and ex-members of Guiding. The year will continue with many varied local, county, regional and national activities, ending with a prom at Burton Town Hall at 20:10hrs, 20/10/2010 when all members nationwide will renew their Promise.

Newsletter - Summer 2009

The Brownies have been gaining lots of Interest badges, Swimmer being the most popular. Promise evenings have been well supplied with sandwiches and cakes as Brownies completed their Hostess Badges. Girls have also gained, Advanced Swimmer, Book Lover, Cook, Musician, Pony Rider, Toy Maker and Writer badges.

Two teams entered the Pancake Races and despite not winning they enjoyed themselves and having their photos taken even if the photographer did get their names mixed up.

They made cards and boxes with a candle for Mother’s Day. At Easter, they made chocolate crispy cakes, Easter Pigs and cards.

Now that the nights are getting lighter, the girls can enjoy games and activities outside but first of all we have to concentrate on the Carnival preparations. Let’s hope for some dry evenings for the rest of the term after the Carnival.

Just a little bit more news from the Guides (the Unit has now closed). They did enjoy a day out, travelling by train to Warwick Castle during half term, which made up for having to cancel the proposed weekend camp in September. Our leadership candidates have almost completed their training and congratulations to two Senior Section who have been successful in completing the BCU Bell Boat Helm course at the Guiding Water Activities Centre at Kings Bromley. We are hoping that the Brownies will be able to have an evening Bell Boating later this term and maybe we will be able to enter a team at the Bell boat challenge races in October.

There will also be opportunities for fun at the Burton Division May Fair at the Orchard Campsite, Tatenhill.. Another popular event, Steps 2009, will take place at Tatenhill and Branston Water Park on Saturday June 13th.

2010 is the Centenary of Guiding and there will be lots of opportunities to celebrate. As part of this, memories of Guiding are being collected. If you, or anyone you know can contribute to the archive then please let me know. I already have some information about Rolleston Guides but any memories from other places can also be sent to me.

Delia Wyers (tel 813405).

Newsletter - Spring 2009

As I write the New Year and new term seems hardly to have started and there is very little news from the Brownies. At present the Brownie Unit is full with a small waiting list. Before Christmas they enjoyed their usual party and making card, food and decorations. In the New Year they have done lots of craft including making lanterns and fans for the Chinese New Year with Easter activities to follow. Many of them are continuing to work on Interest Badges.

Farewell Guides

After almost ten years, the Guides will close at half term due to falling numbers but mainly because no new leader has been forthcoming. This also marks the end of 24 years of my being a Brownie and Guide Guider in the village. However, I shall still be around to help with the Brownies and hopefully at some time in the future, to help re-establish a Guide Unit in the village. It is a shame that there will be no Guide Unit for the Brownies to move on to and that the Guides, after 84 years, will not be represented at the Guiding Centenary celebrations in 2010.
At the end of last term the Guides enjoyed an evening skating at the outdoor rink in Derby as well as enjoying a drink and cookies in the Westfield Centre beforehand. We are still hoping to arrange a trip out at the start of Half term.

Since Christmas, the Guides have had one of the longest Farewell Dinners ever!! Each week for five meetings the girls have prepared, cooked, then eaten various dishes to make up a five-course meal, each course made up of at least three dishes with vegetarian options. Just to make your mouth water here is a taster from the menu:

Starter: leek soup; cashew and cheese pate, Bombay prawn cakes.
Fish course: apple and prawn salad; sea bass with fennel and citrus salad.
Main course: Lamb espagnole; chicken parcels; lentil and cheese slices with seven vegetables with dressings, and parsnip fritters.
Sweet Trolley: St Clements Trifle; meringue nests; choc ices; Swiss apple tart chocolate mousse; Devon apple cake.
Coffee, mints, cheese and biscuits.

Thank you to all the Leaders, Young Leaders, Unit Helpers, parents and girls who have helped us and been Guides during the last ten years. Without their support we would not have been able to do so many activities with the girls. I hope that you will all have good memories of your time in Guiding; with very best wishes to everyone for the future.

Delia Wyers.

Thank you

If you are worried or upset when you read of the bad behaviour of today’s youth, take heart.

This Christmas, as over the years, Rolleston Girl guides have delivered a beautifully decorated plate of mince pies to many elderly people in the village together with a very cheery “We wish you a Merry Christmas”!

Thank you Guides, we do appreciate your thoughtfulness

Yours sincerely
Val Beeson.

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