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Newsletter - Autumn 2006

The first few weeks of the summer term were spent preparing for the Carnival. The combined Brownie units decorated their float as Lapland with all the Christmas ‘trimmings’. Thank goodness there wasn’t a heat-wave then! Without a lorry the Guides concentrated on making colourful headdresses and costumes for ‘Carnival in Brazil’ that won a first prize. At the same time we prepared for the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed Guide May Fair at the Orchard Camp Site. The Brownies sent along their Cheshire Cat made for the 2005 Rolleston Carnival and made a large, colourful caterpillar from old Brownie tights. It was considered too beautiful to hide away and is now a unit mascot. I just hope it doesn’t consume the toadstool! The Guides used twelve of their creatures made for the 2005 ‘Alderbrook Ark’ in a Jury Box for the Trial of the Knave of Hearts. We never throw any useful props away. 

The Division organised a Circus Skills evening, the Guides trying out juggling, uni-cycle riding and plate spinning. They were then entertained to a display of fire eating and juggling. On other evenings the Brownies and Guides enjoyed lots of games, brook dipping, packing bags, suitcases and rucksacks (they should all be expert shirt and sweater folders now), looking for the oldest grave in the churchyard (1744), making welcome cards for foreign Guides visiting the County International Unity Camp at Shugborough attended by two of our guides, as well as several parties. Guides organised their own meetings as part of GFI Showtime/Watch It and the Young Leaders arranged a camp skills and cooking evening as part of their Chief Guide’s Award in addition to a photographic record of the term’s activities.

A few girls took part in the Division 2006 Steps walk for Breast Cancer at Branston Water Park and Tatenhill including various activities on the way, but we also organised our own Parent and Daughter sponsored walk around Rolleston. It was a hot evening but everyone enjoyed themselves especially the BBQ afterwards. We raised £75 towards the Burton total of about £800 and there will be further contributions from the Guides going to Unity Camp. Many thanks to all the people who sponsored the girls.

Congratulations to Claire Cooper, one of our Young Leaders who has been awarded a place at the International Scout Centenary Camp in Essex next year. 

The number of girls in the units is steadily rising. However, we are still desperately in need of new leaders. In September, we will have to temporarily amalgamate the two Brownie units unless new leaders are found. Please contact me if you know of anyone who can help. 

Thank you to all the leaders, young leaders and parents who have helped us during the year. I hope you had a great summer.

Delia Wyers (Guide Guider). Tel. 813405 

Newsletter - Spring 2006

Despite writing this at the end of January the Guides and Brownies seem to have been very busy in the few weeks since the start of term. All the girls enjoyed taking part in a sponsored skip to raise money for Unit and Division funds. For a few the challenge was learning to skip, for others fancy skipping or blindfolded or wearing wellingtons. Even avoiding each other in the church room must have been a challenge! On February 22nd everyone was invited to take part in a Thinking Day Service and as part of Thinking Day activities held Indian evenings.

1st Rolleston Brownies made garden bird feeders from fir cones and celebrated the New Year by looking at Jewish and Chinese New Year traditions and sampling their food. Before Easter, they will be making pancakes, Mother’s Day gifts and Easter crafts.

2nd Rolleston Brownies, meanwhile have started work on the Artist’s Interest badge, mixing paint and painting and making posters to attract new leaders (which we hope will bear fruit). They have also enjoyed several singing sessions. We hope that most of them will complete Booklover or Computer badge at school. When the weather improves they will have a chance to improve their footballing skills.

The Guides have made an excellent start to the 2006 Watch It (Film, TV and Theatre) Challenge, by acting and miming nursery rhymes, films and parts of books for everyone else to guess. Hopefully there will be an evening on stage make-up and a performance for friends and families. Some of the girls have organised Ready, Steady Cook, Music and Games, Mini-Olympics, Keep Fit and Fashion Show evenings as well as a Healthy Eating survey.

Hopefully the girls will be taking part in the Village Pancake Races, the Brownie Road Safety Quiz, the Guide Fire Safety Quiz and the Carnival before the appearance of the next edition of the Rollestonian. A few new Brownies and Guides have joined us but there are still spaces available in all of the Units.

As the nights get lighter all the girls love to play outside, but games on the Croft can be spoilt by the large amount of dog mess on the grass. It is not very pleasant or hygienic to clean up girls who have slipped or fallen over what your dog may have left behind, or to have to clean the floor of the Church room if it walked inside. So to end this report, a plea from all the Guides and Brownies and their Leaders, PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG.

Delia Wyers

“Thank You”

Once again 1st Rolleston guides were thinking of others before themselves at Christmas time.

Two guides with their mum called on me just before Christmas with a beautifully presented plate of mince pies and sweets and their Christmas greetings.

Thank you very much Rolleston Guides for your thoughtfulness.

Val Beeson

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