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Newsletter - Winter 2005

1st Rolleston Brownies continued their association with the Beavers by joining them for an enjoyable evening at the Scout HQ as part of the Brownie Friendship badge. This term they have also made leaf prints, talked about healthy eating and had a harvest tea (I hope it was healthy!).

2nd Rolleston Brownies have made masks, bookmarks for the Booklover’s badge, dream catchers and pompom animals as well as crispy cakes and completing the Home Safety badge.

Brownies who collected 20p pieces in Smartie tubes towards Guide funds last year spent a day at Brook House HQ cooking and playing games as a reward. Both groups will be having a party at Christmas and next year Brownie activities will include the Road Safety Quiz, a sponsored skip and the Thinking day Service at St. Paul’s.

In September, the Guides made origami Peace Cranes to remember the UN Day of World Peace. Younger Guides have organised a fashion-themed Go For It Party, made chocolate bananas and organised games for Go For It Chocolate. An evening at Swadlincote, tobogganing with some of the older Brownies and the usual Christmas delivery of mince pies will round off the term. Next term the Guides will be involved in the County Fire Safety competition and the National Arts Challenge.

Last year six girls completed the Baden Powell Challenge, two have stayed with us as Young Leaders and their contribution to the group is invaluable, a third will become a Young Leader with one of the local Brownie Units. All three will be working towards their Chief Guide’s Award and hopefully in the future their Leadership qualifications. We now have four new Baden Powell girls and have already enjoyed an indoor mini-olympics, a rock music themed evening and a Ready Steady Cook competition. A Jamaican party will be a change from our usual Christmas/New Year celebrations and a hand care session is in the pipeline. 

By the time this Rollestonian appears the girls will have completed their decorations for the village Christmas Tree Festival at the end of November. I hope they will keep them as a reminder of their days in Brownies and Guides and the 2005 Thinking Day theme ‘One World, One Love’.

Delia Wyers 
Tel: 813405

Newsletter - Autumn 2005

If you heard a short bell ringing practice one Tuesday in the summer term, it was really the 1st Rolleston Brownies who joined the Beavers for a fun evening in the Church! Ian told them about baptism and marriage services and then let them ring the bells. Thanks to the Beavers and Ian for the invitation. Both Young Leaders made their Promises on the same evening. Brownies have also completed Artist’s, Sports, Music, Hostess and Horse Riding badges.

2nd Rolleston Brownies decorated Easter baskets and made Father’s Day cards as well as having fun with puzzles and games (especially Drains and Ladders) for the Home Safety badge. The big event of the term is always the Carnival, the girls voting for Alice in Wonderland. Several weeks were spent designing costumes, posters and decorations for the float. They were joined by the 1st Brownies, and with lots of welcome parent help, their colourful float won a well deserved first prize. They then got together for an enjoyable Rounders and Hot Dog evening.

Brownies have also been filling empty Smartie tubes with 20p pieces to raise funds for Guiding and their own Units. Fifteen Brownies and ten Guides attended a camp fire at the Orchard, Tatenhill, unfortunately on one of the few very wet evenings of the term but didn’t let it dampen their spirits.

V.E. weekend events were well supported, girls taking part in the Parade and having their boats ‘decked overall’ on the Alderbrook. The Guides designed their Well Dressing depicting children’s games and everyone had great fun completing it. The Brownies were very interested in the finished product so hopefully they will be keen Well Dressers of the future.

Guides chose the film ‘Grease’ for the Carnival. They worked hard but couldn’t compete with the Brownies’ efforts. However they did enjoy a Wild West themed party including games and American food on another evening.

Five girls finished their Baden Powell Challenge, four going to Glasgow and one to Beaudesert at Rugeley for their Challenge weekends. As part of this, they have organised lots of varied activities. This term we had a Fair Trade/ other Chocolate Tasting, Mini Olympics and Japanese Culture including an Origami Boat Race and a Sudoku puzzle. Did anyone finish it?

Light evenings and good weather allowed lots of time outside. The Guides learnt Rugby skills and had an evening Bell Boating at Kings Bromley Three Brownie sisters also had a go instead of just watching. Ian Whitehead was itching to get his hands on a paddle and was keen on a parent and daughter event next year. The last Guide meeting was the culmination of several weeks learning survival skills. Parents and daughters took part in a Survival Challenge walk using map and compass skills. Everyone managed to arrive at Tutbury picnic area in time to enjoy some chips and have a Promise ceremony for three Guides.

Finally, another shout for help in running all the Units. We only have three Guiders and long term absence would result in one or more of the Units closing down. Guides and Brownies have been in the village for almost 80 years. Can you help us or do you know some one else who can? We need dynamic, new input and you don’t have to be a parent to enjoy adult Guiding. Phone 813405 for more information.

Newsletter - Spring 2005

As usual there never seems time to do everything! Before Christmas the Brownies celebrated their 90th birthday, made decorations and cards, had parties and participated in Chapel Parades. 1st Rolleston completed the Seasons badge and have had a Winnie the Pooh Birthday Party whilst 2nd Rolleston did the Disability Awareness badge, kickboxing and rugby for girls.

The Guides did lots of Challenge work, delivered mince pies and fudge to thirty elderly, single people in the village, held a packed “Invite A Friend” evening and had a fancy dress 12th Night Party. Together with International evenings, we seem to have done a lot of eating at our meetings!
Outdoors, Guides came 3rd in the County Bell Boat Race, took part in an Activities Day at Beaudesert including crate stacking, tree climbing and raft building and a Night Hike and sleepover at Tatenhill.

In October over thirty Guides, older Brownies and leaders thoroughly enjoyed a trip to Manchester for the Guiding Big Gig where they were entertained by many well-known bands.

What is planned for the next few months? We will already have taken part in the Pancake races. Then there will be the Well Dressing and VE Day, Carnival and Community Day, canoeing, rugby and the County Fire Safety Challenge. In March we have four girls taking part in a Baden Powell Challenge weekend in Glasgow. It is 14 years since any Guides achieved this, the highest award to girls under 16. Well done for all their hard work especially when they have so much schoolwork.

However, we could not manage to do everything without the help from parents. Very many thanks to all who help with various activities, especially those taking place away from meeting places and involving fund-raising. Special thanks must go to the efforts of one parent to raise funds for our new Guide flag as well as a lot of cooking equipment.

Lastly a plea for more adult volunteers to help with Brownies and Guides and maybe even to start up Rainbows again. The older Guides also wish that we had a Ranger Unit in the village. If you are interested please contact me (tel. 813693). Brownies meet on Tuesdays (6.00-7.30pm), Wednesdays (5.30-6.45pm) and Guides on Thursdays (7.15-9.00pm).

Delia Wyers (Guide Guider) 

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