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Pancake Races 2005

It had to happen - it rained! Despite the poor weather there was a good turn out for the St Mary's Church and Rolleston Civic Trust Annual Pancake Races, held on the Croft on 12 February. The webmaster and Arnold Burston braved the elements to bring you these pictures, taken between the heavy showers.


Twenty four teams competed with a mixture of grim determination and enthusiasm, and with some muddy knees. Steve Sanderson was the announcer and Rev. Ian Whitehead presented the prizes. 

The winning team were Janette Warburton, Vanessa Johnson, Claire Cooper and Nicola Warburton, from 1st. Rolleston Guides.

After the races, parents from the Pre-School Playgroup served pancakes in the Old Grammar School. The event raised over 70, which was donated to the St Mary's Church Fabric Fund.

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