Possible Primary School Development

Public consultation could begin in June (2001)

According to a Burton Mail report the county council's director of education has confirmed that talks are taking place with the college about the possible construction of a new primary school on the college's playing fields, and that a public consultation could begin in June.

The governors of John of Rolleston Primary School are examining the possibility of building a new primary school on the playing fields at the back of the Burton College campus site (should it become available for development). Bob Fraser, chairman of governors, explained at the parish council meeting (Feb 2001) that the Sherborne site was becoming overcrowded and appealed for their backing for a new development. The college is also in talks with Staffordshire County Council over the possible provision of a new primary school on its playing fields - having failed to obtain planning permission for the playing fields as they fall outside the village development boundary - with funding by 'planning gain' from an adjacent housing development (if allowed) on the playing fields.

Peter Williams, ESBC Senior Policy Officer (Local Plans) when asked what bearing the local plan review document might have on such a proposal the following points were noted:

Firstly, the Local Plan Review document is not adopted Council Policy. This can only occur after a Local Plan Inquiry which should take place next year. Once adopted the revised Local Plan would then operate as the basis for development control decisions.  

The development of a new school would normally occur through the County Council requesting the allocation of land.  No such request has been made, so the Local Plan Review contains no allocation. Should such a request be made an allocation may be made in the second deposit, but this would be open to objection.

Should an application for a new school come in now it would be determined under the policies in the current adopted Local Plan, such as those on the provision of community facilities and other relevant policies. Hypothetically the redevelopment of the part of the school site in Chapel Lane occupied by buildings for housing might be acceptable in principle, but the redevelopment of the playing fields would not.

The school site on School Lane is within the Conservation Area where demolition would require consent and this would be determined in the same way as consent for demolishing listed buildings.

(Community facilities are covered on p140-1 of the Local Plan Review Draft Deposit)

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