Rolleston Club Angling News 2000

Newsletter - Spring 2000

Whilst everyone was looking forward to the new millennium, there was something new for 1999 in Rolleston. A few of us were talking one evening in the winter of 1998 at Rolleston Club, the subject matter being rod and line. Several more people joined in the conversation and typically the age old story about the one that got away raised its lovely head. There was clearly a keen interest in the subject of angling and someone suggested forming a proper fishing club. A few more opinions were sought and it appeared that we had enough interest to get this off the ground, so we arranged a meeting "as you do", to discuss the whys and wherefores of what we were about to get in to.

We had a brief chat with the Treasurer of Rolleston Club and as a result, the committee kindly put forward £200 to get us off the ground. We had a further meeting ourselves where the decision on a name for the club was debated and RCA was born. With a proper committee in place, a bank account set up, and a number of matches dotted in the calendar for Sunday mornings throughout the year, we were ready.

Getting up early on Sunday mornings was a shock for some of us at first, but we soon got used to it, the sounds of a Spring morning as nature started another day, was justification enough.

We try not to venture more than 20 miles radius from the village and a cross section of river, canal and pond fishing is ahead of us again this year. Iím sure it will be as varied and interesting as last season. At a recent meeting of the Repton Angling Club we negotiated the use of their water (the Old Trent) for our members to fish at their leisure and we also enjoy the support of Mullarkeyís retail outlet in Burton.

The Rolleston Club fishing season finished in November last year and a presentation of trophies took place in the lounge at the club on December 19th where fishermen, families and guests amounted to more than 60 people in attendance and a pleasant afternoon was had by all.

A new season is now upon us and recently, in January, we held our A.G.M. where we reflected on a very successful first year which even left us in the black at the bank, which canít be bad.

If anyone would like to join us in trying to catch a few fish, not forgetting the informal meetings over a pint of beer where we exchange tips/ideas and reflect on what was, or perhaps what might have been during the previous matches, then contact me, Tim James for more information.

It is always the efforts of the few that benefit the many and I would like to thank publicly everyone who has contributed to this new venture.

(T.N.James, Chairman.)

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