Old Photographs of Rolleston 5

Following an article in the Summer 2005 issue of the Rollestonian about Robert Ford, Joan Littlewood (nee Fisher), has kindly provided two pictures taken at the welcome home party arranged for him at Ivy House, by Captain and Mrs Welch (seen standing either side of him as he cuts the cake).


Mrs Littlewood, who has lived in the village all her life, was able to provide a wonderful insight into the past, recalling how the village has developed and the people (many no longer alive). Sadly with the passage of time this history is being lost, but thanks to people like her it is still possible to record village life for future generations. The pictures (also provided by Mrs Littlewood) below capture events around the time of the last war - a tree house at Apple Acres (that had to be taken down in the last war), one of the many film shows held in the village, and another village event. The last one is more recent - taken at the infant school (probably c1960-61).

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Old photographs of Rolleston:

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