Methodist Church News 2008

Regular Services:

Sunday services at 10.30 a.m.

Sunday school at 10 00 a.m. For details please contact Mrs. Beryl House, tel. 813516

Ladies' Meeting on Wednesdays at 2.30 p.m.

"Oasis" a midweek informal meeting for meditation, discussion and fellowship (creche available if needed) on the second Wednesday of the month at 10.30 a.m.

All are welcome at any of these activities.

The schoolroom is widely used by the community, and if anybody wishes to book it for an event such as a children's party, contact Jane Millward tel. 813015.

Autumn 2008 News

A Message From Rev. Phil Poole Ė The New Minister At Rolleston Methodist Church

Dear friends,

God is with us in all our new beginnings, and Iím thankful for that, since over the last few months my life has been full of new beginnings.

I have moved to a new home in an unfamiliar place, I have begun my work as a Methodist minister, and I have met literally dozens of new people. I have worn a clerical shirt and dog collar for the first time, presided at my first communion, and I have slowly got used to seeing the abbreviation ďRev.Ē in front of my name! The pace of change has been almost overwhelming, but thankfully everyone has been really friendly and supportive and I feel Iíve begun to settle in.

Perhaps a few words of introduction are in order. Iím 45 years old and I have three children, Adam 17, Matthew 14 and Rebecca 10. Iím engaged to Lisa, a student deacon in the Methodist Church, and we plan to marry in 2009 Ė another very welcome new beginning for both of us! Iím originally from Stoke-on-Trent, but Iíve spent the last four years living in Birmingham, and my first impression is that people here are generally much more friendly. In the past Iíve worked as an accountant and business consultant, but the church has been my real passion since I got converted as a teenager. I believe we have lots to offer to the wider community, so Iím pleased to have come to a place where church and chapel already seems to be well integrated into village life.

Iím looking forward to getting to know more of the area and the local people over the next few months, so please introduce yourselves if you see me around the village. And finally, best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

God bless, Phil Poole

Chapel News

Rev. Phil Poole has begun his ministry with us and we have been specially pleased when his children

have been able to come to worship with us on several occasions. He is already someone who is very welcome to all of us, and we hope he is beginning to fit names to faces! The care of four village churches is a demanding one, but he has made himself at home in all of them already. We hope that when you meet him, you will make yourselves known to him, and if he can be of service to you at any time please get in touch with him, by phone or letter.

Harvest Festival was a happy occasion, led by the Circuit Praise Group, with Brownies and Guides present, contributing a sketch. (We are glad The World managed to get through the door eventually!)

Christmas is next on the agenda. The Circuit choir and Drama Group, and friends, have been rehearsing a Roger Jones musical, The Inn Crowd, an interpretation of the first Christmas story with lively music and thought-provoking drama, and this will be performed at Stanton village hall on Friday 28th November and at St. Thomas' Methodist Church on Saturday 29th November, both at 7.30 p.m. Tickets are available from church members. This is a very busy time for everybody, but your support would be most welcome, and you might recognise some familiar faces in unfamiliar guises!

On Sunday 14th. December there will be a carol service at 10.30.a.m. conducted by Mr. Alan Richardson, at which we hope to see Brownies and Guides once more, perhaps another sketch or two? and certainly carols to sing. Everybody welcome.

Rolleston Choral Society will present a Christmas programme in the Chapel on Wednesday 17th December, to be followed by the customary seasonal refreshments. Watch out for publicity for this popular event.

On the following day, the Pre-school Nativity will take place in the chapel at 2 p.m. Would you like to join the congregation in seeing the presentation by the small children of their songs and other items?

On Christmas Eve, there will be Holy Communion at Stretton Methodist Church at 11,30 p.m., and on Christmas Day at the same venue, worship at 11a.m. Rev. Phil Poole will conduct both services. There is ample parking available for chapel-goers in the car park by the Co-op.

Wishing you all a happy festive season, and a peaceful New Year. And keep warm for the rest of the winter!

Autumn 2008 News

Ministerís Message

Dear Rollestonians,

For the past twelve months I have been looking after the Methodist Chapel at Rolleston. Although I already knew the congregation it has been good to get to know them better.

From September Rev Phil Poole will become the minister at Rolleston, Etwall, Stretton and Anslow. He has been training at Birmingham, and hails from Stoke. I will leave him to tell you more when he writes his first contribution.

I have enjoyed the short time working with you, and I hope you will give Phil as warm a welcome as you have given to me.

With best wishes,
Peter Howard

Chapel News

Our new minister, Rev. Phil Poole, will be welcomed to the Circuit at a special service at Trinity church in George Street, Burton, on 31st. August at 6 p.m. We look forward to meeting him, and wish him happiness in his ministry among us.

The children's Holiday Club in July was a very happy event. The children enjoyed activities and stories based around the Olympic Games and the helpers, from both churches in the village with others from the locality, made or deepened friendships, which has got to be good!

Our Harvest Festival will be celebrated on the customary date of the third Sunday in September, 21st., at 10.30 a.m. The Circuit Praise Group will conduct the service, with music and drama, and we hope the Guides and Brownies will be able to take part. Do come along if you would like to share in giving thanks for the bountiful gifts of food and other resources we enjoy. On the following day we send gifts of harvest produce to people in the village who are ill, or in need of a greeting to cheer them in some way. Please let us know of anyone you think would appreciate such a gift.

Looking ahead, we hope the Rolleston Choral Society will be able to present a Christmas programme in the chapel. The date has not yet been finalised, so keep both the 10th. and 17th. free. This is always a popular event.

Summer 2008 News

Holiday Club

Despite the reduced staffing of the Burton on Trent circuit this year, with extra work for all the ministerial staff, we are planning yet another Holiday Club for children between the ages of five and eleven in the second week of the summer holidays. This will be run by Deacon Anne and Rev. Peter Howard, with helpers from both churches in Rolleston, and extra people from the area. The last two years have seen successful similar events, greatly enjoyed by children who came. We hope that this year's will be equally popular. The theme is : "Champions!" , very suitable in Olympic year. Watch out for publicity.

Ministerís Message

Dear Rollestonians,

Recently, Anne and I enjoyed a week's holiday in the area of Lake Como in Italy. It was a good break and we enjoyed it greatly.

When we got back I found an e-mail from an Anglican priest in Uganda. Frederick had made contact with me some time ago, suggesting that we might exchange experiences of ministry. I had told him we were going on holiday, and was going to tell him what a great time we had had. Until I read his e-mail.

It shared news of a school dormitory fire in which twenty young girls had perished. He also told of several young people who needed financial support with their schooling.

What a reminder that we live in two worlds. At the same time as some are enjoying the good things, others are suffering. While some people have more than enough, others are without necessities.

The two worlds are not found on a map, of course, but may be found in any country at any time. We know this already, but my e-mail brought it home with a jolt.

What can we do? Firstly, I don't think it helps to give way to guilt. (Unless it is obvious that we are personally responsible). Instead, we could give thanks for all we have, and then look for ways to share it.

One of the good things about the world having become smaller is that we can have a sense of belonging to one human family. My neighbour is not just the person next door, but includes people thousands of miles away who need my help, and whom I am able to help.

Yours sincerely
Peter Howard

Spring 2008 News

Chapel News

We were pleased to learn that a new minister will come in September to have charge of Rolleston Church, Anslow, Etwall and Stretton. We appreciate the work currently being done by Peter Howard and other ministers who offer their services at this time, as well as the extra workload on the Local Preachers but it will be better for everybody when an extra full time minister comes to the circuit.

There have been many enquiries about another Holiday Club, following the success of the previous two, and we are pleased to say that plans are afoot for one in the summer holiday from school. Publicity will be around as soon as dates etc. are available, so watch out if you are interested.

Ministerís Message

Dear Rollestonians,

By the time you read this, Lent will be well under way, and Easter on the horizon. If you have decided to give something up, or have taken on a new spiritual discipline I encourage you to persevere, and I hope it will bear fruit in your life.

When I think of Lent, it reminds me of a time of training. It is a little like the training a top athlete puts in to prepare for a major competition. For them there is physical exercise, and pushing themselves to the limit. They will probably also adjust their diet so that they have plenty of energy and strength.

The athlete does all this to fulfil their potential and win a prize. We, during Lent, are trying to cooperate with God so that we may become like Jesus, His Son.

Sincerely Yours,
Peter Howard

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