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Winter 2001 News


Looking ahead to Christmas, there will be a Carol Service for the uniformed organisations, led by Carl Seager on 9th December at 10.45am. On Wednesday 19th December, Rolleston Choral Society will present a concert of carols and readings. This will be followed by festive refreshments. Why not begin your Christmas celebrations at this event?

The Playgroup Nativity will be on the afternoon of 20th December.

Are you the parent or carer of small children. Usually around with them on Wednesday mornings? Sometimes, wonder what you and they can do? Then why not try our Pram service on the second Wednesday of the month at 10.30am? The session lasts between an hour and an hour and a half, is informal and friendly. There is a very brief service which the children enhance with musical instruments, and then they have a simple craft activity while the adults spend a few peaceful moments with Lyn Houghton. This is usually thought provoking, but is not what might be termed "heavy". After that coffee and chat, perhaps a birthday cake for one of the children. There is an outing in the summer and a party in December. All are welcome. Why not come along and sample a session?


The tributes and donations in lieu of flowers after Alan's death have now ceased and I can confirm the amount of £2001 has been received by Rolleston Methodist Church to be used for disabled access. As a demonstration of the love and affection in which Alan was held this is truly memorable and unequalled in my experience. A reflection on a life well spent. (Philip Buckley)

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Dear Friends,

We're getting ready to celebrate Christmas, the miracle of God himself, coming into the world in Jesus. As we prepare we pray for another miracle - the cessation of terrorism and war, and the victory of religious tolerance, justice and peace. This joyful season will be different for so many people around the world, whose lives have been turned upside-down because of recent events. Many will starve because armed conflict means much needed food and shelter will not get through to them. All this takes the shine off the usual glitter and "magic" of Christmas, doesn't it?

Yet there is still so much to celebrate. Jesus, the son of God, was born in a time of unrest in an occupied country, in impoverished surroundings to Mary and Joseph, who themselves were far from home. Born to show God's love to us and for us. Born to give HOPE to the world, Jesus died to set us free from the grasp of evil and sin, and to offer us eternal life. This advent and Christmas we can each positively do what we're able, to make the world a better place - give, pray, share His love and the hope Jesus brings. And of course, give thanks to God for His greatest gift, as we listen to the Angels' song

Peace on earth and goodwill to all peoples"

Christmas Blessings and love in Jesus

Rev. Lyn Houghton.


On Saturday 3rd November at 7pm there will be a concert in the church by the Gresley Boys' Choir. This well-known choir is composed of boys aged from 7 - 11 years, and proceeds from the concert will go to the Acorn Children's Hospice. Tickets will be available from members of the church.

Autumn 2001 News

Dear Readers,

The year rolls round to the season of Autumn and celebrations of God's bountiful provision - Harvest Festival. Our celebration this year is on September 16th and the worship will be for all the family. The church will be decorated in traditional harvest style and you are especially welcome to join us.

We have a different type of celebration to look forward to in November. On Sunday 4th at 10.40 we are inviting all the organisations and people who use our premises, to come together for worship, by bringing their own contribution to the service. It should prove to be an interesting and lively service, and good for everyone to come together at the same time. After offering our individual items to worshipping god, we can join together in the schoolroom for refreshments. Again, you are welcome to join us - consider this your personal invitation!

Sincerely yours, 
Lyn Houghton (Methodist Minister)

Spring 2001 News

Dear Readers,

I stood at the confectionery counter at the supermarket, baffled by the mouth-watering selection and amused as I watched and listened to a small child similarly occupied. What amused me was that he and I, despite the difference in our ages, were simply trying to make a choice – which sweets to buy. Our thought processes seemed to be the same; I’d like everything…I’ll have what I like most for what I can spend……What do I like the most???

Some choices in life are simple and easy, other decisions we have to make are not. We are in the period the church calls Lent, which we see as a time of preparation in the run up to Easter. Lent is also about choices, a time for pausing and reflecting, not on what WE want, but on what God wants from us. Being a follower of Jesus is about listening and making a deliberate choice, which in turn involves cost as well as reward.

The reward is life in all its fullness, what is the cost? In a sense the answer is ‘nothing’, because God’s love is free to all and offered to all by his generosity alone. Jesus has already paid the price with his love and his life, but the greatness of God’s love, beyond all price, deserves a response from us. If you have difficulty choosing, perhaps your local churches can help you decide in time for Easter.

Yours in Jesus

Rev Lyn Houghton

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