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Winter 2000 News

Dear Friends,

The Millennium year 2000 is almost over as we enter December, the month which brings with it preparations for winter weather, Advent and Christmas. In our church, Advent is a time of preparation and expectation. On each of the four Sundays in Advent we light another candle on the Advent Ring. The increasing light significantly dispelling the darkness of long December nights and bringing hope.

-one candle to remind us of Godís people watching for the coming of the Messiah
the 2nd to remind us of the Prophets and the news they foretold of the coming king
the 3rd to remind us of the John the Baptistís message: ďprepare a way for the LordĒ
the 4th reminds us of Jesusí mother Mary, and her obedience to God.

Four candles alight and then a 5th candle in the centre of the ring to remember the day of Jesus Christís birth. As the light of the candles of the Advent Ring reflects on the faces of those who come near, so the joy of remembering Jesusí coming into the world reflects on the faces of those who draw near to God through Him all year, every year.

Jesus is the light, born into the world - Godís gift of love to all people. We pray that you will be blessed with Godís gift of Jesus, His peace and His light to shine on you and those who you love, this Christmas and in the coming year.

Rev. Lyn Houghton

Millennium Celebrations

Part of the millennium celebrations at the Methodist Church will be a Flower Festival beginning on Friday 16th June. The theme will be 'Living Waters' tying in with the village project of support for WaterAid, and as far as possible the flowers will be arranged by people from the village.

On Saturday 17th June there will be a concert in the church by the excellent local choir, the Notable Company, under their conductor, Chris Mallinson. (They, too are truly local as they rehearse each week at the church).

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