Additions To The Archive - Verses by Sophia Anne Mosley

We are grateful to the many local people who donate items to the Village Archive. These may have no material or special value to the wider world but they develop our knowledge of the village and the residents who have been here before us.

This item comes via Mrs Peggyanne Tredger (neé Marshall). It is a slim paperback collection of verses by Sophia Anne Mosley, eldest daughter of Sir Oswald Mosley the 2nd Baronet (1785 – 1871) and not to be confused with Sophia Ann (without the “e”), her mother. Sophia Anne left the “Sophia Anne Mosley Bequest” a charity for the benefit of St Mary’s Church, Rolleston and Holy Trinity Church, Anslow.

The effusive, flowery, amateur verses are typical of the accomplishments expected of a Victorian gentlewoman. Sophia Anne’s “Address to My Readers” begins –

To you, my readers, I these poems send,
With the best wishes of a christian friend,
And the bright hope, that sentiments expressed,
Will find an ardent response in each breast,
Consoling verses oft to minds impart
An influence sweet, to sooth and cheer the heart;

Several poems relate to members of the family. “A Filial Tribute of Affection to the Memory of a Beloved Father” begins –

AH! precious father! fondly loved,
How very dear to me!
How desolate my lonely heart,
Now I’m bereft of thee!

I cannot speak that much-loved name,
But bitter tears will start;
I dare not think of days gone by,
It lacerates my heart.

The first verse of “Judge Not” infers that this might be a poem in memory of her brother, Oswald, who lived in Kent, ostensibly for the sake of his health but who was also rumoured to be an alcoholic

Ah! Christian, gently draw a veil
O’er faults that love should hide,
Your pity, let a brother claim,
His frailties set aside.

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