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Newsletter - Winter 2010

Our meetings are now held at the new venue of Rolleston Club, which being at the centre of the village is more convenient for most people, although we are grateful to the Scouts who have allowed us to use their HQ since the start of our group.

The October meeting was well attended and we enjoyed meeting up with everyone again. We had a very interesting speaker Mr Steve Groot who took us through the manufacturing of flour – more complicated than one might imagine. This involved the use of complicated machinery which began by crushing the husk covered grains to emerge at the other end as the fine white powder that we use for baking our bread and cakes.

Some of our members attended the Group meeting which was held at de Ferrers when all the groups in the area meet up. We were delighted when we won the competition for a W.I. theme set to the music of Bobby Shaftoe – a very versatile tune! We also had an outing to Trentham Gardens which was very enjoyable, especially with all the autumn tints everywhere.

We are now busy making decorations which will be hung on our tree when Advent comes – a very enjoyable task which we are delighted to perform.

We meet on the third Friday of every month except August at 9.45 at Rolleston Club and are always pleased to welcome visitors and new members.

Newsletter - Autumn 2010

Our June and July meetings were well attended and we had entertaining speakers on both occasions. Our main occupation at the July meeting was constructing a scarecrow, and this was carried on after the meeting at our President’s house. We managed to make a tennis player, ad it was surprising how much screwed up newspapers in plastic bags we used to fill one scarecrow. It was all worthwhile as we were awarded second place, so well done Doveside.

We enjoyed an outing to Carnforth Hall in July, a place most of us had never heard of. However, it proved to be a most interesting place in North Derbyshire near to Alfreton, fairly isolated and being rescued by the owner who had amassed a large collection of artefacts from all over the world. We heard recently that the owner had sold it and there would be no more visits, so we did well to see it before it closed as it was so much different from the usual stately home.

When we meet again in September it will be at Rolleston Club – no longer at the Scout HQ where we first began. It will be more convenient for most people being in the centre of the village. We are all looking forward to our new meeting place on the usual third Friday of every month, and as always will be pleased to welcome new members.

Newsletter - Summer 2010

The meeting, held on April 16th was the first since we elected our new President, Kate Arnold, and we were pleased to welcome her and hoped she would enjoy her time being in charge.

The speaker at the meeting was Mr Malham who gave a very interesting talk, illustrated by slides, of the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas. This was a very thought provoking subject and brought home to us that perhaps we take our way of life very much for granted and that the people who are commemorated by this very fitting memorial were sacrificed so that we could continue to live in peace.

We meet at 9.45am on the third Friday of every month, except August and are always pleased to welcome visitors and prospective new members.

Newsletter - Spring 2010

The first meeting of the New Year was held on Tuesday January 15ht, but unfortunately due to the weather, heavy rain and cold the turnout was less than usual. However, we carried on as normal and enjoyed the occasion. We were reminded that our twentieth anniversary had occurred at the end of 2009 and how time seemed to have flown since then and all the activities in which we had taken part with pleasure.

The speakers at the meeting were a Salvation Army officer and his wife Mr & Mrs Pelsel and both gave very interesting and indeed enlightening information about their work for this very humane and caring institution with the emphasis on Christianity. At the end of their talk they held a question and answer discussion and their caring and sincerity were so very obvious. It was a very thought provoking start to the New year and greatly impressed the listeners.

We look forward to the future meetings and there are more interesting talks and discussions in store. We meet on the third Friday of each month except August at the Scout HQ at 9.45am and new members are welcome to join us.

May Anderson

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