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Newsletter - Summer 2009

A varied programme of speakers has continued to interest Doveside W.I. members. They continue to meet at the village Scout HQ at 9.45 am on the third Friday morning of the month.

In February , a local resident – Mr R. Matkin – gave a most enlightening talk about his rather “risky” hobby of beekeeping. On this cold February morning it “warmed” everyone to see photographs of bees and flowers. He gave an insight into the life cycle of the bee, the intricacies of the hierarchy of the hive, and the production of honey. Sadly, as many will know, there is a problem but hopefully, honey will be readily available soon.

Another outdoor theme ran through the topic for the March meeting – Drinks from my Garden. Mr Marshall spoke of his interest in making wine from the plants he grows – and gave out samples for members to taste – a change from tea or coffee!

April found everyone very busy at the meeting – a card making workshop by Mrs Banton, returning at members’ request. Friends or relatives of Doveside members may well be in receipt of a rather attractive “homemade” card for their next birthday.

The W.I. continues with the capable guidance of Mrs Anne Heywood who will be President for another year, following the recent A.G.M. in March. Visitors will be made very welcome with topics including a Quilt Show, Flower Arranging Workshop, Talk about the artist Laura Knight, and a morning with chocolate – you may well find it a pleasant way to spend a morning

Eluned White

Newsletter - Spring 2009

Over the last few months, Doveside W.I. has continued to meet at the village Scout HQ on the third Friday of the month at 9.45a.m.

Their olfactory senses were tested in November when Mrs Justine de-Cesare gave a talk on aromas for Christmas – handing round a selection of lotions and potions smelling of spices, herbs etc. Some were sweet smelling, others very much an acquired “taste”.

The Christmas meeting turned out to be rather different to the one scheduled – members expecting to be entertained by a belly dancer may have been disappointed, as she was recovering from flu and unable to visit. Fortunately, a substitute, albeit somewhat more sedate- was found at short notice. Everyone seemed to enjoy the talk “A Crafty Christmas” given by Mrs Marshall. Using an enterprising variety of materials, she showed how to make various Christmas decorations, cards etc – ideas for next Christmas maybe. Following this a buffet lunch was enjoyed before the meeting closed.

The speaker at the first meeting of 2009 was from the Blue Cross Centre in Rolleston. Kath Urwin gave a most interesting illustrated talk about the history and work of this animal welfare charity, before going on to speak of the work done at the Hilda Archer Sanctuary in Rolleston. Villagers will be familiar with the horses exercising locally, but may not know of all the work going on there – not just caring for sick horses, but giving shelter to those who may have been rescued, or whose owners are not able to look after them for some reason – illness, bereavement etc. and finding new homes if necessary. Visitors are welcome on open days and at specific times during the week, any help or donations are welcome too.

The W.I. continues to hold Scrabble sessions, visit productions at the Brewhouse and take part in local events – including the church Christmas Trees & Wreaths Festival when Mrs Ann Haywood, President, beautifully decorated a wreath on behalf of the Institute.

An interesting programme is planned, and new members are always welcome.

Eluned White

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