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Newsletter - Winter 2006

The September meeting, the first after the summer break, was well attended although there were still some members away on holiday. The controversial magazine issue still rumbles on and it is to be hoped that it is resolved satisfactorily before long. The speaker at the meeting was Mr D. Murray who entertained us with a talk and some delightful slides of hedgehogs in the garden. This was most interesting and indeed informative and I don’t know if we’ll ever look on the hedgehog as just an occasional visitor, which is perhaps just as well as evidently they swarm with fleas and ticks - so don’t try to pick one up!

The October meeting, after the preliminaries had been dealt with and future events discussed, welcomed the speaker, Mrs Irene Thomas who gave a talk which she had entitled “Delectable Ditties”. This consisted mostly of childhood rhymes, each having a reference to food, such as “Blackbirds baked in a pie” etc – hence the delectable. It was quite surprising to know just how many of them did. I don’t about the King who only wanted butter on his bread – now he would probably be asked o change to low fat spread to set an example to his subjects! 

It was all very nostalgic – thick sweet custard and warm red jam in puddings, whatever would Jamie Oliver have to say! Still it was all a long time ago before we were advised(?) about our diet. Not what you liked, but what was good for you. 

We have some interesting seasonal subjects, such as Sugar craft with a view to decorating our Christmas cakes at our November meeting and all are welcome to come. 

We meet on the third Friday of every month except August at 9.45am at the Scout HQ, Station Road and visitors are welcome.

Newsletter - Autumn 2006

The May meeting was mostly taken up with discussing the resolutions, never a popular subject, but very necessary, as the result of the voting is passed on to NFWI headquarters and is further debated at the Annual General Meeting.

The resolutions were presented to our meeting by Ms Mary Adams, a V.C.O. who tried hard to put them over in such a way so that we could appreciate the content and make up our minds about the merits of both. The first resolution was the importance of the use of renewable energy and urging the government to legislate requiring such technology in all new buildings, re-building and renovations. This is a very technical subject and various methods were discussed, but in the end some of them proved to be very costly and unless government help was available, such as with fitting solar panels, then these would be unacceptable to most people.

The second resolution, Sport for a Healthy Population, also a worthy cause, especially at school level where our children seem to spend a large part of their spare time in sedentary occupations and the problem of obesity among the young is a real cause for concern. The fact that so many school playing fields and public recreation grounds have been sold off to builders was also raised and the government should be urged to take steps before they disappeared altogether. We are a countrywide organisation, we have a voice and our views are entitled to be taken seriously. Both resolutions were accepted.

The June meeting was a very informal occasion as the speaker was unable to come at the last minute, so we chatted amongst ourselves, then we had a Blue Quiz (nothing improper I hasten to add) just that the answer to each question had a blue connection, such as “A Famous Crooner” – Frank Sinatra – Ole blue Eyes.

We enjoyed a very nice meal at Burton College recently where we were served by the catering students in the Mulberry Restaurant. They are all young and friendly and it was a very happy occasion as well as very nice food.

The July meting, being the last before the summer break was well attended in spite of some of our members being on holiday. It proved to be most enjoyable in that, the speaker, Mrs Knight, whose talk “Frills and Furbelows” produced, from what appeared to be a bottomless suitcase, a selection of Victorian/Edwardian undergarments. These garments were wonderful to behold – all of snow white cotton with frilly trimmings – voluminous, what can only be described as “bloomers” and huge petticoats – all requiring much washing (no washing machines in those days), starching and ironing (with a flat iron). Hands up all who yearn for the “good old days”. It was a very entertaining talk and demonstration, very amusing at times, although the word “torture” comes to mind thinking of those poor ladies, being tightly laced up in those strait jackets called “stays”. Could that be where the expression “staying power” comes from I wonder.

We have some very interesting speakers and outings to look forward to in the future and we are always pleased to welcome visitors and new members to our meetings which are held on the third Friday of every month, except August, at the Scout HQ at 9.45 am.

May Anderson

Newsletter - Summer 2006

Our meetings continue to be well attended and we have had some very interesting speakers recently as well as lively discussions about matters relating to the admin side. The proposed increase in subscriptions to include the magazine has still not been resolved satisfactorily and looks like continuing for some time to come with the names on the database controversy which does not meet with the approval of some of our members and has provoked some depth of feeling about this issue.

The February meeting was entertained by Mrs Watson, known as the white witch due to her work with herbs. She was accompanied by her delightful young daughter, who was on half term holiday from school and assisted her mother during the talk and demonstration. It was all most enlightening and, to those of us who thought that herbs were only used in cookery, quite a revelation. Mrs Watson brought a selection of herb flavoured bread and cakes which she had baked and they were really delicious and a far cry from the pre-packed, sliced stuff which most of us buy these days, when there is no time for home-baking because of all the other demands on our time now.

March is always the A.G.M., not the most popular of our meetings, but we have to elect the officers who will run our organisation for the year ahead. All the present committee had agreed to stand again, as did our President, Mrs Bailey. Some of our members attended the Forest and Vale Group Meeting which was held in Hanbury Village Hall and hosted by Rough Hayes W.I. who made it a memorable evening, and we were able to welcome Charles Hanson, the auctioneer and valuer who appears frequently on TV shows such as Bargain hunt and The Antiques Road Show. Mr Hanson discussed some pieces which our members had brought and it was interesting to see them in the flesh, and yes, he really does wave his arms about.

The speaker at the April Meeting was Mrs Chris Jackson who runs a clothing company known as “Weekender”. This talk was entitled “A Weekend Away and Nothing to Wear” and it was a revelation. A whole weekend’s wardrobe came packed in a fabric bag complete with accessories suitable for day, evening or casual occasions. It was quite unique and the clothes were made in soft, stretchy material in basic colours and they emerged from the bag quite un-creased and ready to wear. 

Even the bag itself turned into a jacket which could be used if the weather changed. Who needs to lug heavy suitcases about when this is available!

We have some outings arranged for the near future, such as lunch at the Technical College Mulberry Restaurant where we can be sure of a very nice meal served by the Catering Course students who are all young, pleasant and friendly. There is also a visit to the Brewhouse to see a performance of “Naughty Mariette” which will be up to their usual high standards and a visit to Denby Pottery.

We meet on the third Friday of every month except August at 9.45am at the Scout HQ, Station Road and we are always pleased to welcome visitors and new members so, why not come along!

Newsletter - Spring 2006

Our November meeting, with Christmas on the horizon, was entertained by Mr Hawksworth who produced the most delicious preserves to complement the turkey, which we all enjoy at this most celebratory dinner of the year. In these days of “shop bought” stuff it was very refreshing to taste the genuine home-made delicacies.

At the December meeting we always have a demonstration of suitable flower arrangements with which to grace our homes and dining tables at this very special season. Mrs Hood and Mrs Haywood produced the most beautiful designs, and as they did not have much time they did wonders and their skill and artistry is worthy of praise. Our Bell-plate Ringer team were invited to play at the Carol Concert for the Christian Disabled Fellowship group at the Immanuel Church Hall in Stapenhill. This was an event which was much enjoyed by audience and ringers alike and with the hope that we would visit them again.

January, cold as always, was enlivened by Mrs Ruth Taylor who produced a large collection of “old irons”, literally, and who would have thought that they would have proved to be so interesting. Mrs Taylor passed the various irons among us so that we, used to light weight steam irons, could judge what it must have been like for women to heave them about even before they started to iron the clothes, especially if they had been slaving over the scrubbing board or dolly tub. How many of us would wish the “good old days” back!

We shall be having a programme of various outings and activities as well as some interesting speakers during the coming year, and if any new members would like to join us you would be most welcome.

We meet on the third Friday of every month, except August at the Scout HQ, Station Road at 9.45am.

May Anderson 

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