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Newsletter - Winter 2001

Doveside W.I. has, throughout the summer months, succeeded in providing interest and companionship for its members.

Perhaps the most notable event was a visit to Mrs Brough's garden. The invitation came following Mrs Brough's talk to Doveside W.I. about her life in business.

Although the weather was fine it was quite a chilly morning so the suggestion of coffee indoors was both welcome and unexpected bearing in mind that there were thirty in our party. On entering members were amazed by the loving and skilful way in which Mrs Brough and her husband Jesse had restored and furnished what was once a working millhouse. As if this was not reason enough to admire this remarkable couple we were given the warmest of welcomes and shown all round their wonderful home. The party left for lunch at the strawberry Garden Centre, Bramshall, feeling that they had shared a really memorable morning.

Doveside W.I. meets on the third Friday of each month at 9.45 am at the Rolleston Scout HQ. Anyone interested in joining our friendly meetings would be most welcome.

Cynthia Lane, Doveside W.I.

Coffee Morning

Doveside WI Coffee Morning The Doveside WI held a coffee morning at the Scouts HQ on Friday 2 November to raise money for the Queen's Hospital Cancer Appeal.

Pictured left are Grace Rheam, Mildred Bailey (President) and Ann Haywood.


Newsletter - Autumn 2001

By the time this edition of Rollestonian appears summer will be past and all we will remember will be the few really hot days at the end of July and the compensatory heavy rain at the start of August. But, no matter what the weather throws at us we can always look back to some of the interesting meetings and lively discussions we have enjoyed. We have had some enjoyable outings, one that stands out was a visit to the "Brewhouse" where we saw a sparkling performance of that perennial favourite "The Merry Widow" with its glamorous costumes and tuneful music.

We also have discussions of a more serious nature, such as at our May meeting which is given over to the resolutions which are voted on and forwarded to the AGM in June where our views on social welfare and injustice can be aired and heard nationally. 

We have been entertained by numerous speakers on diverse topics, some serious, some humorous - none more so than that given by the Rector, Rev. Ian Whitehead, who told us about his life from schoolboy to his present calling, via various jobs including some time in a circus. I suppose one would not know what to expect from a Rector, but this one was a total surprise, and may I say a delight. He arrived carrying a large holdall containing the story of his life, and what an interesting life too! Especially at the circus where he picked up some unusual skills such as conjuring and juggling, something which could be relevant to his work when he has to juggle with all sorts of problems. He ended by giving a demonstration of breathing fire which he said was easy - but don't try this at home would be good advice. It was all great fun and he kept us laughing throughout. Could this be the way to fill empty pews in churches I wonder, employ a priest who is a member of the Magic Circle.

We are starting our Bell-Plate ringing practices again at the Scout HQ and Mr Dennis Reynolds has agreed to conduct us for the time being so that we can carry on with this very enjoyable activity which we thought we might have to give up.

When we resume again on Friday 21st September after the August break we can look forward to a very interesting programme of talks by a variety of guest speakers and we are always pleased to welcome new members.

M. Anderson. 

Newsletter - Summer 2001

The Spring programme for Doveside W.I. provided some sunny spells amidst the dull wet weather which prevailed during this period.

In February Mr Peter Sadler from the Beehive Centre in Rosliston gave his talk on Health. He explained his approach to diagnosing the health problems of those who consulted him and the way in which the cures had been achieved.

The foot-and-mouth situation affected events in March when the Forest and Vale Group meeting which Doveside was to host was cancelled. However, the A.G.M. for the W.I. was held as scheduled. Mrs Mildred Bailey was returned as President as were Mrs Annette Styne and Mrs Noreen Sloper as Secretary and President respectively.

In April the President presented the Scrabble Trophy to Mrs Joan Price who had achieved the highest points at the sessions which are held monthly throughout the year. The speaker, Mrs Betty Gilbert, whet everyone's appetites with her demonstration - Cooking for One. The dishes were simple and easy to prepare, although her ability to have two or three items on the go at once did not go unnoticed by her audience.

Anyone who wishes to consider joining Doveside should come along to the meetings, which are held on the third Friday of each month at 9.45am in Rolleston Scout Headquarters. (Cynthia Lane)

Newsletter - Spring 2001

The winter programme for Doveside WI began with Margaret Hargreaves demonstrating sugarcraft. She chose a novelty cake decoration which could be adapted for a variety of celebrations. This was a fortuitous choice as the meeting coincided with a power cut in the village which affected Rolleston Scout HQ for practically the whole morning. Had Mrs Hargreaves been working on small sugarcraft items it would have been impossible to see what she was doing on a dull November day with no electric lighting. Despite the cold and lack of a hot drink, the resourcefulness of the President, Mrs Mildred Bailey, ensured that everyone enjoyed the meeting. November also saw a group of members and friends visiting “Half a Sixpence” at the Brewhouse.

The December meeting continued with the festive theme with local duo Elsie Hood and Ann Haywood using their skills as flower arrangers to show us how they put together four “fairly simple” and one “not so simple” Christmas arrangements. They gave tips on buying material and told of their experiences exhibiting at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Following the demonstration a buffet lunch, prepared by the committee was provided. This was quite a feast and members left in a cheery mood to complete their preparations for the holiday period.

At the January meeting members were greeted with a glass of sherry and a mince pie made by Sue Bould. Sue’s expertise in the “mince pie department” is much appreciated within Doveside WI. The new heaters which have been installed at the Scout HQ were also a pleasant surprise to members. They were soon all stripping off, but fortunately no camera man was on hand to suggest a calendar. The speaker, Mrs Linda Davies chose “Tatting not just a Doily” for her talk. She not only demonstrated the art of tatting, but also displayed some beautiful and intricate work. Perhaps the most stunning was a wedding veil decorated with tatting. Plans are in hand for a workshop with Mrs Davies.

The period ended with a fund raising coffee morning on Friday 26th January. This was a welcome additional get-together for members and friends.

Doveside WI meets on the third Friday of each month at 9.45am in Rolleston Scout Headquarters. Why not come and see what we have to offer?

Cynthia Lane

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