Residents of East Staffordshire who find a visit to the Town Hall in Burton a little inconvenient should try Council Link, East Staffordshire Borough Council’s First Stop Shop.

Based in Burton Library from Monday to Saturday and in Uttoxeter Library on Mondays and Fridays between 9.00am – 3.00pm the Council Link team can help with everything from council tax to street lighting and noisy neighbours to wheelie bins.

Did you know that Council Link also offers a benefit support service? This means that all housing and council tax benefit claim forms can be taken to either library and the team can check them and photocopy all supporting evidence before taking the information to the Town Hall.

“Residents no longer have to face that long walk to the Town Hall or wait for a bus”, says Link Officer Alyn Thompson. “Instead they can call in at either library where we can take their information and supply them with a receipt. Our friendly staff can also help with any other Council queries from difficulties with wheelie bins to noisy pets. We regularly work alongside other service providers such as the Pension Service and through an appointment system in both Burton and Uttoxeter an officer is on hand to answer any questions people may have about their retirement pensions.”

Guests regularly hold drop in surgeries in the two libraries, including Victim Support, who are available in Burton every Thursday for those who have been a victim of crime, or are in fear of crime, including domestic abuse, whether reported to the police or not. With the use of an interview room, all enquiries can be discussed in a totally confidential manner.

Some people may have difficulty hearing on the telephone or maybe they have a language or mobility barrier; perhaps they just live in an isolated area. Council Link’s Outreach Officer can help overcome some of these obstacles by visiting groups and offering the same friendly and efficient service in an environment that is familiar, comfortable and convenient.

Working alongside the Outreach Officer are other organisations such as the Police, Fire Service, Orbit Care & Repair, Trading Standards and many more. They can also talk to the group or club and offer advice about crime reduction, heating grants, fire risks assessments and lots of other initiatives. If you think your group might benefit form a visit just contact Jane Parkes on tel: 01283 508348 or 07966342116.

In fact if you have a question for any of the Council Link team or their many community partners give us a ring, email us, pay us a visit or contact the Outreach Officer. Your issues will be dealt with quickly and efficiently and you may be surprised at what else is on offer in today’s modern library.

Council Link – Tel: 01283 508453

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