'Chapter & Verse' News 2007

Winter 2007 News

It is astonishing to realise that we have been going for over 3 years! From tentative beginnings we now feel established and thanks to the enthusiasm of our members enjoy discussions, comparisons and laughs covering a wide variety of topics. 'The Inheritance of Loss' by Kiran Desai took us once again back to India but also dealt with the difficulties for illegal immigrants in the USA - a thorny question the world over. Kate Adie's autobiographical book covering her time with the BBC was enjoyed by all. The behind the scenes view of memorable world events was fascinating.

We look forward to -

A Poetry Evening Weds 5 December

“Saturday” Ian McEwan Mon 14 January

“The Meaning of Night” MichaelCox 
Tues 26 February

A Happy Christmas To Bookworms Everywhere! If you would like to join us please telephone Heather – 812118 or Maggie - 812621

Autumn 2007 News

The sunny climes of Corfu and the lazy, hazy days of summer, were a welcome dream when discussing 'My Family an Other Animals' on a damp May evening in England! However, our meeting in July to discuss the description of Brian Keenan's kidnap and long incarceration in Lebanon in the 1980's, turned out to be very pertinent as it coincided with the news of the release of the kidnapped journalist Alan Johnston from Gaza. It was depressing to realise that not much has changed in the Middle East. We look forward to two more good reads in September and October and a welcome return to a poetry evening in December.

'The Inheritance of Loss'
Kiran Desai Tues 4 September (please note change of date)

'The Kindness of Strangers'
Kate Adie Tues 23 October

Poetry Evening Weds 5 December

If you would like to join us please telephone Heather – 812118 or Maggie - 812621

Summer 2007 News

Our Spring books - 'Lark Rise to Candleford' and 'Kim' although both written at the beginning of the 20th Century could not have been more different in their setting. The first, beautifully and gently chronicled rural life in England at the end of the 1900's, whilst 'Kim' kept up a fast pace of intrigue to do with the British Raj alongside the hustle and colour of India and the mysteries of the East. We enjoyed them both.

The Summer programme is as follows.

'My family and other Animals' 
Gerald Durrell Tues 22 May

'An Evil Cradling' 
Brian Keenan Weds 4 July

'The Inheritance of Loss' 
Kiran Desai Mon 3 Sept

If you would like to join us please telephone Heather - 812118, Maggie - 812621, or Gail - 813356

Spring 2007 News

Our winter reads have once again produced variety and interest.

Laurie Lee's 'Cider with Rosie' provided a wonderful excuse to sit by the fire in November and bask in the gentle poetic prose that so clearly etched a child's view of life in a Cotswold village in the 1920's. 

We were awakened in January to the cold winds and privations of Eastern Europe and the English Fens with the present day directness of 'A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian'. This is a deservedly popular book which produced much amusement but also serious discussion and for many of us a new look at the history of Eastern Europe.

Discussion on our last winter book - 'Lark Rise to Candleford' will take place at the end of February. The Spring programme is as follows.

'Kim' Rudyard Kipling (Mon 16 April)
'My Family and Other Animals' Gerald Durrell (Tues 29 May)

If you would like to join us please telephone Heather - 812118, Maggie - 812621, or Gail - 813356

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