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Newsletter - Winter 2011

The club members are well into the autumn programme of projects to do on a Monday evening. Also there is the group Christmas dinner to look forward to. The club has just finished their autumn exhibition at the Burton Library - which was well received by the public. Some pictures were sold to the delight and encouragement to all members. The next exhibition at the Library will be next March. Also, in 2012 there is the RODSEC Jubilee art exhibition in Rolleston to work for. Members were pleased to see Stan Richards return to the meetings after a long illness.

For any information and details of the club's activities  please contact on 812184

Newsletter - Autumn 2011

The club members have enjoyed their outdoor sketching and painting during July and August - you may have seen them in Rolleston on a Monday evening. The weather has been mixed. On starting back at the Methodist Church room in September they are now following a programme of ideas for paintings, if they need any, especially since there is an Autumn exhibition to prepare for at Burton Library starting on October 3rd for two weeks. The Autumn programme also has a pastel demonstration given by a professional artist.

For more information about the club and its activities please contact (Chairman) on 812184 or (Secretary) on 531440 .

Newsletter - Summer 2011

The members are now well into the spring/summer programme after having enjoyed a successful exhibition at Burton Library. The programme continues until the end of June then members take a break from indoor meetings on a Monday evening at the Stretton Methodist Church school room until September 5th. Instead members meet out doors to get some valuable experience of sketching and painting in the fresh air - weather permitting! A programme of venues has been chosen starting with the 'Horseshoes' at Main Street, Tatenhill on July 7th. Members meet up about 7pm and then find something interesting to sketch. The club has about 30 members. New members are welcome - we had four this year.

For more information about the Club and its activities please contact on 812184.

Newsletter - Spring 2011

Club Members have started the on the new year's programme and are also preparing for the year's first exhibition at Burton Library from the 21st March to the 4th April. Our previous exhibition was quite successful leading to many complimentary comments on the standard and variety of the pictures and it also produced a new member.

The club has about 30 members and meets at the Methodist Church School Room, Stretton, on a Monday evening at 7.00pm.

For any further information about the Club and its activities please contact on 812184.

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