Art Club News 2010

Newsletter - Winter 2010

The club members are now well into the club’s autumn programme. We have already had a demonstration by Tony Colishaw on ‘Coastal scenes in watercolour’ which was well attended by members and other groups. Thanks to BADAC for helping with a grant.

To look forward to:

Christmas Dinner at the Boar’s Head, Sudbury in November.
Christmas Exhibition organized by the Brewhouse in Burton.
Club Exhibition at the Library next March.

For further information please  contact on 812184.

Newsletter - Autumn 2010

After the members outside painting and drawing during the summer the time has come for them to produce finished pictures for the club's exhibition at the Library which runs from 4th to the 18th of October 2010. The library has become a good and convenient place for local Art Exhibitions. They can also look forward to a demonstration by the professional artist David Wilcox on 'Figures in Watercolour' on October 11th. Later on another demonstration will be on using acrylics. For more information about the club's activities or if you wish to join in please  contact on 812184.

Newsletter - Summer 2010

Club members are now looking forward to 'getting out and about' now the light nights are coming. We will meet indoors until the end of June then meet outside at venues in and around Burton. This will improve our sketching ability although some members are able to complete a water colour in a couple of hours outside.

We will need to work towards our next exhibition in the Autumn at the library. For more information about the club and its activities please contact on 812184.

Newsletter - Spring 2010

The new year has started well despite the poor weather and quite a number braved the elements to have enjoyable and productive evenings. Club members have a lot to look forward to -: to provide pictures for an exhibition at the Library (22 March TO 6 April), a BADAC small pictures exhibition at the Brewhouse (20 March to 10 April) and a demonstration by Geoff Thorpe on a seascape using oils on April 12. Members also have the weekly themes to inspire them if they don't want to do their own thing.

For further information please contact on 812184.

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