Art Club News 2005

Newsletter - Winter 2005

The club members are now well into their autumn programme of work on a variety of themes and are looking forward to their Brewhouse exhibition. This will run until December 17th and will display paintings on a wide variety of subjects and media. For more information about the club please contact on 812184 or Bob Smedley on 813159.

Newsletter - Autumn 2005

The club members enjoyed having their first Summer Exhibition at the Brewhouse. The number of paintings sold exceeded their expectations. 

The Burton Art Club members are looking forward the start the autumn programme of demonstations and topics for painting and also to prepare for the Christmas Exhibiton at the Brewhouse. The sketching they have done this summer will be very useful. The exhibition will run from Sat 19th November 2005 until Sat 17th December 2005.

The club meets at the Stretton Methodist Church on mondays from 7pm to 9pm and our indoor meetings start on 5th September. For more information please contact Ron Price on 812184 or Bob Smedley on 813159.

Newsletter - Summer 2005

Members are working hard towards our next exhibition. Our Summer Exhibition is being held at the Brewhouse from Saturday 4th June until Saturday 25th June. You can also see some of our work at Scout Carnival Day in the HQ building. Sunday 15th May. Starting in June many members will spend Monday evenings out and about local villages painting and drawing until we start back in the clubroom in September.

For any further information about the club or its activities please contact Glenys Tunstall on 812355 or on 812184.

Newsletter - Spring 2005

The club members are now well into the spring programme having had a successful exhibition in December. Each week there is a suggested topic for members to attempt if they so wish e.g. attempting a portrait, use of water colour pencils and many others. Also, we have an evening of demonstration by a professional artist to enjoy, which is open to other painters. The members are also thinking about paintings for a summer exhibition. We will be looking forward to our annual dinner.

For any further information on the club and its activities please contact on 812184.

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