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Newsletter - Autumn 2005

About 50 intrepid explorers ventured down Fiddlers Lane to be welcomed and to view the allotments on Gardens Sunday. Many visitors continue to be surprised by our existence but enjoy the opportunity of seeing both the wide range of crops that we grow and the different cultivation techniques, from traditional three-year rotation to deep-bed to organic.

Each horticultural year has its talking points. This year there were some set backs due to the late frosts but at the same time those who sowed late got caught with the dry weather and erratic germination. Whatever the early season tribulations nature tends to put things right and with abundant crops on the plots the site is a pleasure to see.

The range of wild life that we see is always a talking point amongst plot holders. Our latest interest has been a spotted flycatcher which successfully reared a brood on top of our notice board (at least it was a change from moaning about the rabbits). 

Our informal summer competition has been judged and although names may be familiar it is good to see that the ranking keeps changing.

Best Plot 1st Peter Topliss
2nd Geoff Faulkner
3rd Mrs Kendrick
Best Half-Plot Peter Longbottom
Best Crop of Vegetables Mrs Strange (broad beans)
Best bed of Flowers Mrs Stone (sweet peas)

We will be celebrating the successes (and failures) of the year at our annual Social Evening in Rolleston Club on Thursday 17th November.

Tom Martin

Newsletter - Summer 2005

Like many gardeners, Rolleston’s allotmenteers have been putting too much faith in a recent succession of early Springs. We have been planting potatoes earlier and rushing to get tender runner bean plants off our windowsills. The late frosts have reminded us of the vagaries of nature. Browned potato tops will re-grow and produce a slightly later crop but a few members will be off to buy replacement seeds for their bean rows.

Members have been putting much effort into a site clearance and maintenance plan this year.

Much accumulated rubbish that has collected with plot change-overs has been removed. Hedge replanting and fence repair is well underway – the trouble is, the rabbits are trapped on the wrong side! Site appearance is much improved and with early cultivation we have many model plots.

Our Friendly and informal spring competition was judged on 6th April with the usual old lags appearing on the score board (a former woodwork master is noted for his use of ruler and set square!) –

1st Ted Killick 
2nd Geoff Faulkner
3rd Peter Topliss
4th Mrs Kendrick

We will be looking at our collection of half-plots separately this year. Mrs Stone has generously donated a prize for the best in our summer competition.

The allotments will be open to the public as part of Gardens Sunday, June 19th. If you are thinking of a plot in future years or just interested in what we grow (we have a full range of vegetables, flowers and soft fruit) please make us part of your tour.

Tom Martin

Newsletter - Spring 2005

Following our January AGM our Officers remain the same –

Chairman Don Frost Tel: 815009
Vice-Chair Mrs Janet Stone Tel: 815107
Treasurer Michael Wardell Tel: 812565
Secretary Tom Martin Tel: 813320

If you would like to know more about renting a plot, please give one of us a call. Our waiting list is now very short. Our two new plot holders this year are again ladies, albeit with slave labour – there will soon be a call for male sex equality!

Winter crops have stood up well and there are still some fine beds of leeks, forced rhubarb is ready and autumn sown broad beans and onion sets have got away to a good start.

This may be a quiet time of the year horticulturally but there is a concerted effort to repair and fill gaps in the boundary and separate the wild life that we wish to see inside from that outside. If any one has lost the big black rabbit that bounces through the gate, catch it before it goes in the pot!

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